Sunday, March 14

Do you feel good naked?

Indy has just posted her thoughts on nudity in the context of spanking which I found very interesting. Having posted a long comment there I thought I'd thrash my comment out further here.

While Indy doesn't like nudity in scenes and is not into it as a form of humiliation, the opposite is true for me. In the main I feel nudity has a place in play, but that very much depends on the scene.

First off I should say I'm not shy about being naked - a regular sports player when I was younger, coupled with being one of many girls growing up at home, I was never precious about stripping off in front of other people, even when I didn't feel as confident about my body as I'd like to have been. (I am female after all!)

So in reality being told to take off my clothes is not a big deal for me. And as witnessed at Eliane's spanking orgy - I mean party - I can even encourage others to take their clothes off too! So the short of it is being naked isn't a big deal, yet I still find it can work very well in a scene.

Although funnily enough outside of roleplay scenes I don't like to be naked - always finding some form of clothing far more erotic, especially wearing all that pretty underwear we kinky girls are so obsessed with.

One such scene where nudity worked very well was one in which I was a newly purchased slave waiting for my new owner - having to wait in position naked I was very conscious of my nudity and what it meant. Being naked and exposed and expected to submit to his touch and his whips. And my nakedness was even further enhanced when a collar was placed around my neck - covering me completely emotionally, but leaving me bare physically.

In other scenes having to take off my clothing is a real headspace amplifier. But starting fully clothed is very important. This works well in prison inductions or reformatory scenes where the forced removal of clothing can be very symbolic.

However, like Indy, I agree there are certain roles that should not involve nudity, such as schoolgirls or parental/guardian/Uncle scenes. If one is striving for authenticity then discretion and modesty are paramount.

The only exception to this are those dark edgy scenes that move out of the boundaries of fair and for-your-own-good punishments. And having to strip off under the gaze of a stranger is the first indication this is not a routine punishment.

I ended my comment saying the biggest thing about nudity is that my play partner should always be fully clothed - no matter what the scene! I think for me it comes down to the point that the wearing of clothes symbolises power; power over the person who is naked, which is no doubt why I think being nkaed works me for .

Still I'm a little amazed at how strongly I feel about this and am curious as to what the rest of you think?


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Emma Jane,

Love your expression "headspace amplifier".

Well of course the person giving the spanking should be clothed. Unless they're on the verge of going to bed together, which is probably not a common play theme.

Thanks for adding your insight to the debate which has now spanned three blogs!

Irelynn said...

I completely agree that the person who spanks me should be fully clothed. I would actually feel really uncomfortable if that weren't the case.

As for nudity on my part... Well, I don't really do it. Part of this is because I've always been told to never feel ashamed of your body - which is quite a hard thing to do, but still! - and being made to undress in order to make me feel embarrassed goes against that on so many levels. The other part of it is probably that I'm just not comfortable being naked around other people in kinky play. I'd happily be naked when I'm at a sauna or something but that's not sexual or 'hot' in any way.

Master Retep said...

This post has a nice, clean, calm lucidity about it. Very clear headed and refreshing - thank you for sharing.

EmmaJane said...

@Karl - thanks I quite like the phrase myself

@Irelynn interesting and quite similar to what Indy said, about not wanting nudity to feel liek something wrong

@Masterretep - thanks :)

Abel1234 said...

Quite, quite lost in wonderful images of a naked slave...