Tuesday, March 16

End of a fantasy

I've decided that religious fantasies no longer work for me. Back when I first talked to HH I was keen to act out some sort of bishop and priest play. We even worked out scenarios.

But not long after that discussion we had the Ryan (and subsequently the Murphy) report and the horrors of abuse in the Catholic Church in Ireland that are detailed within them. I blogged about the Ryan report at the time, being unsettled and shamed of having fantasies along similar lines. But after much discussion and looking inwards I moved on from that. Accepted it didn't make me a bad person. And I agree with HH when he says we take inspiration from all the horrors of history, taking out the hot bits, without excusing or condoning what was done.

Those reports are not why I've decided religious play is a limit now. It's sparked by something that has just come to light in our media here and in part by comments on my nudity post.

Indy and Irelynn commented that they don't find nudity hot in play as they don't want 'being naked' to be something to be made feel ashamed of. They consciously are not allowing it to have power over them, even though being naked is not actually a problem for them. I found this rationale very interesting and have been mulling over it.

And maybe that's helped me to come to this realisation. I have decided religion is not something to be used in scenes as I refuse to afford religious figures the right to any power over me, even if it's fictional.

This is because of the lack of leadership and backbone the leaders of our church had displayed throughout the abuse and its uncovering. It has been revealed that the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland here made two children swear to secrecy about the abuse they suffered at the hands of their parish priest. Back in 1975 they were made to swear to tell no-one whilst the priest got moved on to another parish and abused more children for a further 16 years.

As horrific as the abuse is, I find the cover up equally horrific. Even more so that Cardinal Daly and the Church refuse to admit he did anything wrong. Authority figures have always been hot for me, but these men don't deserve such respect.

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Abel1234 said...

I can understand this fully, and Rev Jenkins will revert to mere Mr Jenkins at Lowewood in future if we're both there, so as not to cross your limit.

As for the shameful behaviour of some church leaders in Ireland and elsewhere: isn't it saddening, but not altogether surprising, to see that most of them won't do the honourable thing and resign their posts?