Monday, March 29

The Jolliest Half-term!

Well dearest readers I hope you'll keep what follows to yourself. We wouldn't want the likes of Mr S or Rev J or any of the other Lowewood masters to find out what went on when Lowewood went wild in Dublin!

I was very excited to have Jessica, Sylvie, Rebecca and Beth visiting. Even more so I had blagged a free apartment for the weekend. If the teachers thought we were all staying with my parents what can I say, we may have misled them in some small way! It was an awful shame Jemima couldn't make it after all. Some excuse was made about having to supervise workmen but we can all guess that Jemima had even more fun lined up back home ;-)

Still we made a nice gang, very fetching in our brand new Lowewood Academy hoodies. We got many admiring looks and glances and endless questions about our school.

The weekend started in flying form as we each purchased several bottles of wine and spent Friday evening getting nicely tipsy and giggly. It was so lovely to catch up and be naughty without fear of being interrupted by the teachers.

Of course despite our high spirits we were up early the next day to get some of that culture we're always being told about. We saw some old book in Trinity College and spent ages in the gift shop trying to find naughty presents. And upon leaving we couldn't resist disobeying the sign and standing on the grass anyway!

In an effort to curry favour with Mr S we decided to visit the Georgian museum and see what life was like when he was a boy. It was very interesting but we couldn't find any canes or straps and even the governess didn't have as much as a hairbrush. We very kindly sent all the teachers a very polite postcard telling them how much we missed them (which wasn't very much at all!)

And one girl amongst us did a very naughty thing indeed but I can't possibly tell you what - let's just hope no-one ever finds out!

After a lovely lunch in a Church (chosen so we could truthfully tell Rev J we had been in one) we headed back to doll ourselves up for a night out.

It was a close call when we got to the pub and were asked for ID, perhaps the short school skirts and hoodies gave us away but luckily we managed to coax our way in. I was keen to introduce my fellow schoolmates to my local friends and they all got on famously.

The night ended with us partying the night away at Nimhneach. Truth be told I was flying high with the excitement of having everyone in my home club and danced and skipped about the place with gay abandon.

Unfortunately I manged to get myself into a fair amount of trouble over the course of the night. The teachers from my former school (It's for your own good) the beautiful Chalk and the evil Mr Dastardly weren't pleased that I'd been posting 'nudey' pictures on the t'internet. Along with the wonderful Officer Jizzle I was taught the error of my ways through a very harsh flogging. I meekly promised it would never happen again and was glad to finally be released.

Then Master Retep insisted on strapping me for some misdemeanour or other. As if that wasn't enough the London Tanner himself insisted on giving me a very painful rebate on the paddle I bought from him, half off has never been so unappealing!

My fellow schoolmates also managed to find themselves in trouble too and it was late in the night before we made our escape. All too soon the nexr day came and we treated ourselves to breakdfast at the aptly named Queen of Tarts, before I sadly had to let the girls leave.

But what a jolly trip it had been!


Spanking Catharsis said...

Sounds like a great time indeed. Was that old book the Book of Kells?

Rebecca said...

Awww it was a fabulous weekend - thanks so much for organising sweetie xx

Master Retep said...

With you, I can always be sure there has been some misdemeanour or other without needing to waste time on ascertaining the sordid details.

It was great to meet the other girls from St. Underwood's, or whatever its called, and I agree, the hoodies looked fabulous.

To the next Celtic Cultural Study Trip.

MecIrlandais said...

Nice one. The shortened Nimhneach didn't affect the amount of play you were able to fit in so. I'm sure your friends had a ball.

Eliane said...

I have it from a very good source that Jemima's excuse was merely that, and she actually spent the weekend locked in her grandfather's potting shed with two workmen having a wail of a time. Though whether that was quite what her grandfather meant by "supervising the workmen" she's not quite sure.
She's glad you all had a lovely time in her absence though, and hopes the postcards to the masters were not rude.

Abel1234 said...

I think the schoolmasters need to come over and keep watch over their pupils on the next school trip ;-)

Glad you all had such a lovely time!

Anonymous said...

Was a pleasure having you in class again,chic

And judging by your new pics, will have plenty to say to you next class :)

Great seeing you, doll, x


EmmaJane said...

@SC - ha yes it was the Book of Kells and we weren't really as flippant about it as I suggest!

@Abel - hmm not so sure school masters would be welcome - spoiling all our fun!!!

@Chalk oooh so lovely to have a comment from you chick, great to see you too and even better I'll def be at Nimh in May and June so hope to catch up again soon ;)