Sunday, December 27

Breaking Point

As the pain became unbearable it suddenly stopped and I was dragged to my feet. Cherry was brought in from next door and we managed to exchange the briefest of glance. Looks of encouragement to hang in there, that we were stronger than this.

They continued to question us, telling us they knew everything about us, but we still denied everything. Until Abel produced the photo. One of both Cherry and I on the day we graduated from the academy. Sitting side by side in the front row, smiling happily. How far away that day seemed now.

I was momentarily shocked but we'd come too far now to give in.

'Great photo shopping guys,' I laughed. 'Obviously you'll go to any lengths to ruin our deal with the Don.'

Cherry agreed, mocking Abel and the Prof for thinking that anyone would believe the photos were real.

'Are we done with this nonsense now, haven't you had enough fun for one day?' she asked, her voice as cool as a cucumber.

'Enough,' the Don's tone was changing, more menacing. 'We need to do a more thorough search. Find the memory card and let's be done here,' he ordered his men. 'Start with her,' nodding at Cherry.

'Yes sir,' the Prof replied taking hold of her.

'Just a minute Prof, I think we should clean the girls up before we touch them,' Abel interrupted, grinning evilly.

They dragged Cherry down the hall and the sound of water running was heard, followed by her screams. My stomach turned uneasily. I was fast getting out of my depth here. Was it really all worth it? What had they told us in training. They can't break you unless you let them get to you. Mental strength. Stay focused and engage with them. Appeal to their human side.

Trying to sound relaxed I tried to talk to the Don. To try and convince him that his men were setting us up, that they were jealous of his interest in our deal. But to no avail. He merely shook his head and suggested it would be easier to admit what they already knew.

When Cherry was dragged back in she was soaking wet and shivering. Then it was my turn. The Don and Abel subjected me to the same treatment. Hosing me down with freezing cold water and scrubbing my skin all over with a foul smelling soap. I couldn't help but cry out as the icy water assaulted me and the men's hands probed me viciously.

They then bent me over a table in the bathroom with my legs spread wide and forced me to submit to a full cavity search. I bore it as quietly as I could, determined not to show them much it was getting to me. But couldn't help gasping aloud as the Don's hands explored my most intimate places. A little bit of me died inside. No job was worth this.

After an eternity of humiliating me the men decided I wasn't concealing anything and dragged me back to the room with Cherry. The mood shifted slightly with all the men seeming more relaxed. Perhaps our fates were decided then. Maybe the Don had given some indiscernible signal. But what came next seemed more for their enjoyment than anything else.

The Prof tied a harness over our upper bodies, trapping our breasts painfully in the rough rope. Once we were both tied to his satisfaction we were then tied together, face to face, breast to breast, in the most intimate of positions.

He then secured us together through a rope between our legs. Meaning when one moved or jumped the rope burned against the other. Then the whipping started, firstly with Cherry. On her back, bottom and thighs. I could feel the pain vibrating through her and by the time my own whipping started I was starting to break. The tears came at how desolate the situation was, at agonising over how much we could bear.

When the whipping eventually stopped we were untied and taken to separate rooms. Abel was to be my tormentor. Cherry was taken by the Prof and the Don.

Flashbacks of what happened then continue to haunt me. Any remaining faith I had in man kind was stolen as I was violated brutally in every possible way. Made worse by Abel's obvious delight at my distress. I tried to take it silently, all the time hearing Cherry's screams from down the corridor.

I cannot say how long the torment lasted. By the time he released me I was silent and broken. Yet still refusing to admit what we had done. It was all I had left to cling to. Not that it mattered anymore, I knew they were going to dispose of us. We were worth nothing now.

Down the stairs they dragged us and threw us out on the street, naked and shivering in the cold. Stunned we looked at each other, not sure what to make of this turn of events. Had we survived?


catherine said...

Love it, love it, love it. I want to play again!

(Sorry sweetie, what I meant to say was, that was a really deep and affecting post, and I feel *so* bad for poor Candy and Cherry!)

Ahem. Great writing, it took me right back to the scene.


Paul said...

EmmaJane, totally amazing, you two play hard.
This post sent shivers down my spine, well done girls.
Warm hugs,

Henry Higgins said...

You're a very brave pair of girls :-).

One very interesting aspect of this scene was that we'd set you up to be defiant and resistant. In most spanking play, the bottom plays the game to lose: by the end, she lowers her defences and gives in. But in this scene your characters were expected to resist, to take whatever was thrown at you. Of course you could have given in, but it would probably have taken more than we were prepared to give.

Hmm... I may have to write about this at greater length.

Hugs for two very brave girls,

Destructicon said...

HH > did you at any point in the scene feel the urge to actually take them to that point? Obviously it wouldn't have been done - but did you quell any thought of the kind?


What a spanktastic read. Thanks so much!

Indy said...

Holy shit! My mind is blown simply by reading this, which is probably for the best, as I can't see experiencing it any other way....

This was so beautifully, not to mention evocatively, written. I was wondering who 'Cherry' was, but I should have figured it out.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Hope your hangover fades soon. ;-)

catherine said...

@HH: Funnily enough, it was actually quite hard *not* to break, especially when you and the Don were playing "good cop" and I did wonder a couple of times whether you had a backup plan in case we did give in and reveal the whereabouts of the "memory card"! I felt as though I was actively prolonging the torture, which was precisely what Cherry didn't want to do, so I was quite torn at times.

(And then at other points I went deeper into character and wondered if I was reacting enough. Would it have been OTT to spit at you when you had me tied down and were torturing me? I wasn't sure, so I compromised by telling you how much you disgusted me!)

Oh, and please please please write your account. I'd *love* to read this from a top's perspective as well.

@Indy: LOL - should you? I'm flattered ;)

@Ems: more hugs, of course! Poor you, getting violated when Cherry was merely being tortured ;)


Eliane said...

Amazing write up. Thanks for sharing!