Wednesday, December 2

It's Indy, but not as we know her!

I'd just like to say a HUGE welcome to the blogosphere to the fabulous Indy, Queen of Comments and Lovely Tweeter. I and many other scene friends have been long encouraging and dare I say anticipating this day.

Now dear readers, to make sure she doesn't change her mind and deprive us of her beautiful and interesting thoughts, pop over and say nice things to her at Not So Submissive so she'll feel bad if she doesn't continue!

Seriously though I really am delighted that Indy has started her own blog, she's been such a fabulous commentator on everyone else's. I haven't been writing on the online sphere myself for that long but she's been a wonderful support both on here and on Winterbrook and that means so much when faced with a blank screeen, a great idea and no words!

Hurrah for Indy :)


Indy said...

Thanks for the very sweet shout-out, Emma Jane. Yes, I definitely remember your telling me I should start a blog, back when I was convinced I wouldn't. Hmmm, maybe you're the one who set it all in motion. :-)


Mya M said...

Nice blog thanks for posting