Thursday, December 24

Christmas Gifts

This is my first proper kinky Christmas. Not that I'm dong anything especially kinky over the festive period but over the year I've made many close friends of the kinky variety. That's meant lots of nice Christmas cards and texts and mails from such friends all wishing me varying degrees of naughty and kinky happiness for Christmas and the New Year!

Some cards even nearly got sent to my scene name which would have made for an interesting conversation with my flatmate :)

And amongst my closet friends we've exchanged gifts, some of which I was allowed to open over the weekend. My very first proper kinky gifts and there are two in particular that I really have to share.

The first is from dear Haron and Abel and adds to my practically non-existent implement collection.

Made to order it's my first ever, very own, all mine, tawse. Isn't it pretty? Mind you it's also very heavy and whippy. Notice the thickness of the beautiful leather and the discreet XH stamp on the handle.

Already I both love and fear it, having experienced a taste of it on my bottom and hands. Haron was the first to treat me to it, with 3 strokes across my recently caned bottom. She, very nicely, gave me one over PJs, then another over knickers and the final on the bare. For such a sweet girl she really made them count! Then HH gave me one stroke, followed by Abel who added the final 2 to make an even 6. He also gave me 4 on the hands and although very restrained in his use, still managed to produce tears as the stiff leather was unyielding on my small hands.

I half-jokingly, half seriously, told Abel and Haron I was going to frame it, being far too beautiful a work of art to use for whacking a girl. Unfortunately neither agreed and Abel has warned me that it had better be ready and waiting to be used when he visits me in Dublin!

The other gift I want to share is something that HH gave me, declaring that every kinky girl should have one. A beautiful book called The Lonely Doll. Having read it I have to agree. I absolutely adore it and laughed and ooh-ed and ah-ed the whole way through reading it.

It's an actual children's book, published and sold worldwide since 1957. And it's supposedly not kinky at all. But even just reading the Wikiepedia plot summary below you'll probably think the author had to have been somewhat kinky, even if she never admitted it to herself.

The Lonely Doll tells the story of a doll named Edith, who lives by herself until two teddy bears, called Mr. Bear and Little Bear, appear in her life. One day, Mr. Bear goes out for a walk leaving the two alone in the house; He returns to find they have rummaged in a closet for dress-up clothing, smeared themselves with makeup, and written "Mr. Bear is just a silly old thing" in lipstick on the mirror. Mr Bear proceeds to discipline both Little Bear and Edith, leaving Edith to worry that he will take Little Bear and leave. Mr. Bear assures her that he will never, ever, leave her.

Yes that's right, Edith gets spanked by Mr Bear and there are adorable pictures to illustrate the story throughout the book. It appeals to me on every level, both the kinky adult I am now and the little girl I used to be. Plus there's a cute doll, cuddly teddy bears, naughty misbehaviour, funny pictures and spankings in it, sure what more could a kinky girl want from a book!

So I'm very grateful for such lovely and thoughtful kinky gifts. But most of all I'd like to thank all my kinky friends for the best gift of all, your friendship. To all of you, both online and offline, thanks for welcoming me into the kinky family this year. For your generosity and support. For being patient and understanding. For the lovely emails and blog comments and texts. For the invites to the parties. For vouching for me to other friends and playmates. And above all for helping me live the kinky dream and accepting me for who I am.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Kinky New Year!


Paul said...

EmmaJane, it's nice the feeling of a community, good that you have settled in so well.
We have to thank you for some excellent posts as well, it isn't all one sided.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.
Warm hugs,

Scarlett De Winter said...

I get very cheesy around Christmas (my fave bit, over presents even, is midnight mass back at my old school) and I love thinking about the year that's gone by. The best presents I could ever have got this year are the people who are now in my life. D'you think you write thank you letters to the universe for sending you people!?

Graham said...

Merry Christmas, EJ! That really is a beautiful tawse... looking forward to hearing about your adventures with it in the New Year : )

Casey Morgan said...

The Lonely Doll was a much-read book in my childhood. It disturbed me in many ways...

Abel1234 said...

We're so glad you liked the tawse... and so glad to have you as a friend to give it to xx

Eliane said...

A truly beautiful tawse... to look at! I hope I never get to find out about it in any other way, though ;-) And The Lonely Doll looks lovely.
Have a wonderful Christmas, and I'm very sorry my present didn't make it to you before Christmas, but won't it be nice to get it late in January..?! (I hope!)

Rebecca said...

Awww what lovely presents for a lovely girl - has been fabulous getting to know you this year :) Have a fabulous Christmas and New Years (and thank you for the card that arrived yesterday :) I still have most people's sitting by my bed at home) Much love, snowflakes, chocolate and presents xox

catherine said...

Ems, what can I say: you're the nicest and most fun kinky friend I've met in 2009, and I only met you 3 months ago. And, of course, I now can't imagine *not* knowing you, or *not* playing brilliantly fun and perverted scenes with you. Happy Christmas, big hugs - and may there be many more scenes to play.


EmmaJane said...

Thanks lovely peoples!

@Eliane, presents in January rock :)

@Catherine and Rebecca, right back at ya girlies ;)

And Cath, seeig as you helped to choose the lovely tawse I look forward to sharing it with you some day soon!!