Tuesday, December 1

Obsessive much?

I've always thought bottom types were the more obsessive of the playing partners. You know in the whole planning scenes, organising events and getting the perfect outfit together.

But I've never given tops much credit in the obsessive stakes. (Well of course apart from their obsession with collecting the most painful implements imaginable.) Recent events, however, have made me reassess these original assumptions.

Back in September we discussed the possibilty of a scene involving Abel, HH, Catherine, Haron and me. Being inspired by my recent scene with the aforementioned fearsome toppy where I was given no details in advance, we floated out the the idea of them devising a scene and telling us bottom types nothing about it. A date was agreed upon and that was it. The bottom half thought no more of it.

On the other hand, the toppy duo thought lots more about it. In fact they've been scheming for the past two months over it. Every so often giving a little update that plans were progressing well.

Just this week we were given a brief character background and instructions on the type of clothing to get, but no more than that. Apparently they're still planning and finalising the details. At this stage I have visions of them working on some 100 page document with the scene strategy in it!

And the scary thing is we don't know that they're planning. My imagination is running to very scary places and I don't know which is worse: knowing the details and dreading what's to come, or not knowing and dreading what might happen. Is my mind more perverted and sadistic than the combined might of Abel's and HH's? Probaby not, feck! And eeek now I'm obsessing!


Indy said...

Face it, dear. You're totally doomed!

Eliane said...

I'm with Indy.
You = Totally Screwed.

Enjoy :-D

(Btw, what's the betting that that 100 page scene strategy document DOES actually exist?)