Monday, December 21

Disciplined in the Snow

HH and I have been continuing to explore my need for discipline. And this weekend I was very much in the headspace of wanting rules and repercussions, which he agreed with and was as firm as one might expect.

Although to be fair he was very patient with my usual Friday night, 'the plane's been delayed, I'm hungry, it's late, I'm hungover, I'm grumpy so deal with it,' mood. He gave me 5 minutes grace before I had to start behaving in a civilised manner. Of course I didn't realise how lucky I had been until we were nearly home and I discovered the ebony hairbrush carefully placed in the back seat!

Of course my luck, or HH might say my behaviour, was not to hold. I was tawsed out of bed on Saturday morning and spanked over the couch for failing to come to lunch on Sunday (it was a really good book!). But in the end the incident that reduced me to tears was the briefest of spankings.

He, only using his hand (as hard as it is it doesn't normally make me cry). I was crying from the pure shame of what was happening. The dread and anticipation of knowing I would be punished as he led me to a convenient seat. The frustration at my silly joke, snow down his collar, was I a 5 year old? It wasn't even funny. The realisation that he was going to spank me right there in the open. In front of our friends.

Watched with pleading eyes as he cleared a space to sit on. Reluctantly came forward as instructed but didn't dare to protest. Wished the ground would open as he pulled my jeans and panties down. Was glad to hide my embarrassed face as he tipped me over his lap. Cried silent tears as he placed snow on my already cold bottom and smacked me firmly. Tried not to make any noise or movement, so conscious of how easily spotted we could be.

When requested stood before him meekly, trousers and panties still down to my knees and whispered, 'I'm sorry sir'. Waited for permission to adjust my clothing and gratefully took my hugs of forgiveness.

And for the rest of the afternoon existed in a cocoon of warmth that only such discipline allows.


Eliane said...

He rubbed snow in your bottom? OK, that is evil!

Haron said...

I'm sorry, sweetie, but I absolutely revelled in your misfortune. You were so cute!

Paul said...

EmmaJane, sounds embarrassing but fun, at least for the top.
Warm hugs,

catherine said...

Recognising the location - OMG, he spanked you *there*? LMAO!!!

But, sweetie, snow down his collar does sound *quite* funny. HH is incredibly good at making you feel about 2 inches tall though, when in headmasterly mode, and could make even the funniest joke suddenly seem infantile.

And thank goodness you had gloves on, or your hands would have frozen too ;)


EmmaJane said...

@Haron well the hugs from you all afterwards made it almost worth it!

@Elaine, yes, as evil as the driven snow...or something

@Paul, I think HH enjoyed it although he'll only admit it was for my good

@Catherine, yes I know OMG, OMG, OMG!

@Destructicon, maybe ;)

Abel1234 said...

Having been there when he spanked you, I can testify for how very well punished you looked afterwards. I've seen you take much harder whackings playing scenes, but never seen you look so disciplined. Actually, watching (and taking the photos) ended feeling like I was intruding.

*Such* big hugs...