Thursday, December 10


I was at a gig during the week at The Academy. Now those of you who know of Dublin's monthly BDSM club, Nimhneach will know that it's held in the basement of The Academy. (Topcat really loves how appropriate the name is when we go as a school!)

The gig wasn't actually held in the basement room where the club is on, but afterwards Lollipop and I ended up down there with another friend who was collecting her coat.

While our friend queued, I gave Lollipop a tour, filling in all the missing bits.

'It's usally much darker so you can barely see, bit of a drawback when you're getting whacked sometimes'

'Over here there's usually a cage'

'And here DommyDarco usually has StellePerversa all tied up with a whole load of ropes'

'Oh and just here would be the A Frame [cue puzzled look from Lollipop] tie people to it to beat them'

'And at this very spot, I had my first public spanking'

It was lots of fun to be poking around there and Lollipop was being a very good sport letting me give her far too much information. Truth is I miss Nimhneach. As much as I'm usually having lots of other kinky fun the weekeds I can't be there. It was the first public gathering of kinksters I ever attended and have met so many lovely people there over the past year.

And it's not made any easier knowing that it's going to be at least March before I'll be at Nimhneah again, seems like a very long time away :(


Master Retep said...

:( :( A very very very long way away ..... sniff

MecIrlandais said...

That would have been quite the thrill! I also miss it & your tale make sme pine for it again soon. It's on my to do list.