Saturday, December 26


Cherry and I were carefully biding our time until we could make our escape with the evidence we had spent months collecting. It had all gone so smoothly. The long planned for introduction to the Don. Convincing him of the merits of our money making scheme. And above all, his acquiescence to it secretly caught on camera.

That had been last night and we were now sitting with the Don discussing the finer points of the scheme. I shifted uncomfortably on my chair, resisting the urge to pull my short, tight dress down. I wasn't used to wearing such provocative clothing or such high heels, but needs must.

The Don liked pretty things, one of the reasons that Cherry and I had been especially chosen for this mission. Being thought sufficiently young and beautiful to appeal to him. Accessorised with tight, low cut dresses, the bling jewellery and finished off with the over the top vampish make-up, we looked very much the part we were playing.

Freshly graduated from the police academy it came as both an honour and a shock to both Cherry and me to be selected for the job. Infiltrate the local mafia via the Don's most trusted henchmen, the Prof and Abel. Once their confidence was gained to then arrange an audience with the Don and set him up on camera.

Last night all had gone to plan and the memory card with the encounter was hidden in the house until we could make our escape with it. We were now striving to look relaxed and enthralled with the Don. It wouldn't do to arouse suspicion with a hasty exist.

The unannounced arrival of the Prof and Abel was slightly unsettling. Cherry and I exchanged nervous glances as the henchmen requested a word in private with the Don, but we resolved to play it cool. Stick to the plan.

When the gentlemen reappeared they asked us to to stand up. Without warning we were grabbed and roughly handcuffed.

"We know what you've been up to," the Prof snarled, " We know about the sting and the camera and you'd better tell us where the memory card is."

"Or else we'll have to hurt you. Really badly" Abel chimed in. "And you really wouldn't want that," he sneered pulling Cherry's hair roughly.

We both tried to stay calm. "Really boys if you want us that badly, you just have to ask," Cherry teased.

"Yes everything's available for the right price," I laughed.

Abel turned to me and slapped me sharply across the face laughing as I drew back from him. "There's more of that where that came from Candy," he spat, "Not that that's your real name of course!"

The Prof then took up the reigns, manhandling both of us as he demanded answers.

Inwardly I was very worried and suspected Cherry felt the same. But there was nothing for it but to brazen it out. We had no idea what the men actually knew. In as steady a voice as we could muster we protested that we had no idea what they were talking about.

The Don sighed looking bored by the turn of events.

"We know that you are both police officers and eventually you will tell us everything" he said softly. "I'd advise you to give us what we want and we'll be kind to you."

Again we denied everything, continuing to try and make a joke of it and asking was this some sort of initiation ceremony. Laughing that the pigs would never take the likes of us. Even though we were both very scared that the men knew our real backgrounds.

"As you wish. Search them," he ordered his henchmen.

Starting with Cherry they made her remove her dress, stockings and underwear until she was before them naked. They searched her clothes thoroughly but found nothing. Then it was my turn until I too was before them naked. I tried to look unconcerned while deep inside mortified at being stripped like this. They took their time inspecting us and our clothes, leering and commenting that we had lovely tits and asses.

"Nothing on either of them Sir," Abel reported back.

"This really is tiresome" the Don replied. "So be it, take them upstairs and let's do this the hard way."

His henchmen dragged us upstairs. Not to the plush comforts of the Don's private quarters this time, but into the west wing of the house to a spartan room with a table and chair the only furniture. We nervously eyed the whips and canes that adorned the room. What were they going to do to us? Police training had not prepared us for anything like this.

"Take Candy next door," the Don nodded at me, "We'll start with this one."

The Prof took me next door to a room with a plain double bed. Pushing me down on it he whispered it was time to stop playing games. Running his hands over my body he commented on what a pretty girl I was and I shivered under his touch. Explained that Cherry would soon be experiencing the worst pain imaginable and that I'd be next. How easy it would be to put a stop to it all. He continued in gentle persuasive tones until Cherry's screams from next door shattered the silence of the room.

I felt sick but was powerless to help her. We couldn't confess to the sting, it would ruin everything. We had to hope we could convince them we were innocent. The screams continued, punctuated by the sound of something sharp being applied to bare skin. What were they doing to poor Cherry? Hearing, but not being able to see anything was agony.

Eventually the Prof decided it was my turn and dragged me next door. Cherry was being held down across a table by Abel and being whipped by the Don with a cane. Vivid welts were already visible on her bottom and thighs and she struggled against Abel's hold. The Prof made me watch the scene for some minutes, reminding me that it was in my power to save my friend, that all this suffering was needless.

Finally they let Cherry up and she was dragged, still bound next door. I was then pushed into her vacant place across the table. The Don stood behind me and asked me would I like to tell him where the memory card was and save myself the pain to come. But, like Cherry before me, I denied knowing anything about it.

Before I could say another word he slammed a heavy wooden paddle into me. I cried out, shocked by the brutal pain. Again and again he crashed he paddle down until blind with pain I lashed out at the Prof holding me down, kicking and struggling with all my might.

Pulling my face towards him the Prof told me it was easy to stop it all, just tell them what they wanted. How easy it could all go away. In defeat I dropped my head and he pushed me back down on the table.

Taking a leather strap he then whipped it down over and over as I squealed and bucked beneath him. I got a brief respite before the Don took up a whip of some sort (I later discovered it was a dressage whip) and slashed it into my skin over and over. I tried to pretend I wasn't there, to ignore the fiery pain across my bottom and legs, tried to get through it, to block out their taunts.

Next door I could hear the sounds of another beating as Abel continued his torture of Cherry. Despair began to set in, and tears came to my eyes. Would we ever get out of this mess...?


Paul said...

EmmaJane, when you play, you play hard.
Sometimes I wonder about blogger, Word Verification inabduct
Warm hugs,

Master Retep said...

Well written, nice tense, opening. However, I'm afraid you are going to have to revisit the 1st/3rd person syntax checker, it didn't quite get all of them.

EmmaJane said...

@Paul, how fitting word check is sometimes! It was a really great scene, part 2 will be up tomo where things get a lot worse for poor Cherry and Candy ;)

Abel1234 said...

This brings it all flooding back - such a brave scene, with two girls who played their parts so bravely and well. It was just great! Thanks for such a great write-up.

Henry Higgins said...

A beautiful post, Emma Jane! I have fond memories of whispering threateningly to you as you waited for your turn under the strap and the smacks and yelps echoed through from Candy in the next room...

catherine said...

Oh, Professor - Emma *was* Candy!

What a great write-up of an awesome scene, one of the most intense (and certainly the most varied) I've played. I loved every second - can't wait to play again with you all, and for the tops to take us deeper and further into evil fantasyland.

Big hugs to everyone who made that scene so memorable.


Henry Higgins said...

@catherine: Ouch! Mea culpa!

Destructicon said...

awesome !

oh to have scene it! (lol)

Its so good you should almost set up an audio recording and do a podcast. Like an old 50's radio program, but with whips and canes. hahaha