Monday, December 14

Succumbing to a Meme

The lovely Graham the girl (TM) has come up with her own meme and seeing as she went to so much effort I thought I should respond to it. That and the fact my head is so muddled up from the flu/lack of sleep and too many hangovers in such close proximity that I'm not capable of blogging anything else!

1. Tell us your
Kinsey rating! (That is, where you fall, approximately, on the spectrum of sexuality, with zero being "only attracted to members of the opposite sex" and six being "only attracted to members of the same sex." Follow the link for the full breakdown.)

Right now I'd describe it as 1.75. I'm at a very curious stage and my first forays across the line have been very lovely and certainly something I want to repeat. But I'm not sure if that's just certain people I'm attracted to or whether I am actually bi-sexual. And it's definitely related to my kink - I'm attracted to dominant girls or at least those who are dominant with me.

2. Spanking / BDSM "type" that suits you best (switch, top, masochist, grand-master-wizard, etc.):

Certainly a bottom, but very a strong yearning towards a submissive.

3. Favorite blog / site of the moment (kinky/spanking-themed):

I love all blogs equally, although I am more in love with some than others at various times. But Filthy Gorgeous Things is one that I'm really loving lately, if only for the fabness of the name.

4. Favorite non-kinky blog / site of the moment:

Not sure I have one right now. Tend to be pretty much on kinky sites when I'm online. Possibly Stephen Fry's blog, which is actually the only non-kinky blog I read. Unless Twitter counts? But then I'm mostly kinky on there too. Might need to expand my horizons a bit more!

5. Latest spanking fantasy floating in your head:

Oh I have one but I can't tell cos it's part of someone's Christmas present. Actually I have two but both are for different somone's Christmas presents. I promise to come back after Christmas and write them up though!

6. Blogger you'd like to spank / be spanked by:

Well if I follow Graham's example and think of the people on my blog roll who haven't spanked me then that leaves Ludwig and I really would like to be caned by him :)

7. Age when you lost your (consensual, adult) spanking virginity — if this has yet to happen, give us a prediction or goal!

I was 20 and I still have a scar from the side of his leather belt catching me high on my bottom. I shall cherish that symbolic mark forever!

8. Favorite literary reference (excluding spanking stories!):

Sometimes I wonder was I kinky before I read Enid Blyton or did she make me kinky. But nearly all her books have the most fabulous spanking references in them, particularly the Magic Faraway Tree series. Here's just one of hundreds of references:

They all peered down the tree. Yes -it was Watzisname climbing up, looking very angry. The Saucepan Man leaned over rather too far, and nearly fell. Dick just caught him in time-but one of his kettles came loose and fell down. It bounced from branch to branch and landed on poor old Watzisname's big head!

He gave a tremendous yell. "What! Is it you, Saucepan, throwing all these things down the tree. What you want is a spanking. And you'll get it? And anybody else up there playing tricks will get a fine fat spanking, too!"

"A spanking!" said Dame Washalot's voice.

"A SPANKING!" roared the Angry Pixie not far behind.

"Golly!" said Jo in alarm. "It looks as if the Land of Spankings is about to arrive up here. I vote we go. You'd better shut your door, Moon-Face, and you and Silky and Saucepan had better lie down on the sofa and the bed and pretend to be asleep. Then maybe those angry people will think it's somebody up in the Land of Goodies that has been throwing all those things down."

9. Strangest limit:

Being made to get down on my hands and knees and spread my legs while being spanked. I got hit with a bull whip in a very intimate place in that position once and really freeze when told to present like that.

10. Some Random Vanilla Trivia, in the grand tradition of memehood... Like, "what are you listening to right now," or "what's your favorite fruit," or anything similarly banal.

Eating a box of quality street to make me feel better. I like all the ones that are leftover in the tin that no-one else wants, like the coffee and strawberry and orange ones!


Paul said...

EmmaJane, Nice one, thank you.
I'll take a look at Filthy Gorgeous Things.
Warm hugs,

Graham said...

Everyone succumbs to the meme in the end! I think you're the first to include a decimal point in your Kinsey rating : ) Looking forward to reading about those Christmas presents!