Monday, March 15

Blogging: How do you do yours?

Master Retep just posted on my last blog entry that it had 'a nice, clean, calm lucidity about it'.

I thought this was a very interesting observation. I certainly feel that by and large I have two main approaches to blogging. The one Master Retep alludes to is very much 'spur of the moment musing'. A thought strikes me and I want to write it up. Often somethings out of nothing, some vanilla interaction or maybe inspiration from a blog or tweet. Or if I'm writing up a scene experience immediately after it has happened.

These types of posts can usually be written up in twenty minutes. It's like the words just flow from my fingers and I wonder how I ever found this blogging lark so difficult.

On the other hand many of my posts are what I'd called 'forced'. They take at least an hour to write as I edit and rewrite several times trying to get to that flow and expressiveness that seems to come so naturally to the spur of the moment posts.

Often forced posts are as a result of needing to blog something. That feeling of guilt about having a neglected blog, The self importance of thinking I have readers clamouring to hear my latest profound thoughts.

This type of blogging is also associated with writing about great playdates that just have to be written up for posterity. Alas all too often the writing happens well after the event when the excitement has faded and I struggle to recount the tale eloquently without resorting to a 'Whack...ow...whack...ow' style.

But most of all this type of blogging is part and parcel of writing Winterbrook. Trying to come up with plot lines and character development and include the attention to detail that ties in the other characters is hard enough, never mind writing the actual story. And then there's the pressure of such a collaborative project - tying in with everyone else and having to write the story to keep up with the other characters.

Still I must admit I do love this blogging lark and whether it's forced, random or sporadic, I'm happy to be writing and chuffed to be read.

So how do you do yours?


Master Retep said...

Problem is, Winterbrook is creative writing with plot lines, character building and "developments". I can't remember who said it, but the cliche that writing is easy, you just stare at the paper till blood comes out of your forehead, applies to that kind of writing.

Thank youi for doing it so well.

Paul said...

EmmaJane, you write an interesting blog, I seriously doubt if I could do it.
Winterbrook is excellent as well.
Warm hugs,

Haron said...

Well, sweets, Winterbrook is a serial novel (albeit in blog form). It would be a wonder if writing it didn't feel different.

As for me, I find blogging extremely hard work, and always have. But it's also very rewarding, so the pain of constructing a post is completely worth it!

Indy said...

I am extremely jealous that you can churn out such high quality material in 20 minutes or less! Like Haron, I find it considerably harder going than that, even posting less frequently than either of you.

EmmaJane said...

@Masterretep @Paul thanks :)

@Haron, so it doesn't get any easier then?

@Indy, your posts are much longer than mine! I write like I talk you'll notice that when we meet ;) And at least you don't make the millions of typos that I do. That embarasses me a lot actually.

Abel1234 said...

I can't write when 'forced', only when inspiration strikes - which fortunately is more than often enough on Spanking Writers. I do have more of a challenge with my vanilla, work blog - when I get spurts of inspiration and write loads, then struggle for ages!