Saturday, March 20

Luck of the Irish

Who's a lucky girl? Well that would be me!

I've got some very dear friends staying for the weekend and after an evening of chat and giggling they are all soundly asleep. Only I am awake. Reflecting on the wonder of friendship, kink and connection.

And thinking of some lovely girlie's who aren't here, but certainly present in spirit. Eliane my lovely girl, Scarlett my incorrigible brat and Cath my twin!

I've had a shit week at work - causing me to cry twice and culminating in a meeting with our HR department on Monday.Wish me luck! But for now I'm relaxed and happy.Safe in the knowledge that I'm loved and cared for and people will actually make an effort to come see me. Are excited to be on my turf!

And we've so much fun in store. Wearing our brand new Lowewood Academy hoodies we'll be wandering around this beautiful city and then taking Nimhneach by storm in the evening. I'm doubly excited to see my Irish friends whom I've missed so much, as well as to go ensemble as a Lowewood girl. And I want to be beaten; whipped, caned, paddled. Break me if you can. Watch the fire in my eyes. Witness me fly.

Lucky. Very lucky. That's me :)


Julie said...

Oh, that sounds lucky indeed! I'm jealous. Also, that phrase "Break me if you can" always gives me the most delightful shiver.. I must use it more often.

Paul said...

EJ, sounds as if you will have a wonderful time.
I hope that the meeting with HR goes well.
Warm hugs,

Master Retep said...

Most HR Departments don't deserve the term Human, your real friends are your humans. I'm sure you'll all have a great weekend. Looking forward to seeing you all tonight - is that a challenge?

Abel1234 said...

>"Watch the fire in my eyes. Witness me fly."

Wow, great phrase. And so very you :-)

Eliane said...

I'm there is spirit! Mine's a gin and tonic!

Seriously though, am missing you guys. I hope you have a wonderful time tonight.

catherine said...

Wish I could be there too, but I'm drinking an extremely large glass of port (G&T is great when it's hot, but I need something warming tonight!) and thinking of you all. Hope you have a great night; can't wait to see you soon.


Jessica said...

We has an amazing time - thank you so much for having us!I loved Dublin and our hoddies looked stunning!

Jessica xx

Master Retep said...

@Jessica I'm glad you had an amazing time and I also thought your hoodies stunning. Not so sure about either the spelling or typing skills imparted at Lowewood - might have to consider a different academy when sending the sprogs to finishing school.