Tuesday, September 1

And about time too!

I have often lamented the fact that there are not enough toppy types out there who blog. While I love to read the many excellent spanking blogs by bottoms I think it's also important to get the other perspective.

So I'm very pleased to announce that HH has finally started writing on his blog!

A hugely experienced scene player, he has a wealth of knowledge and insight about TTWD that really needs to be shared. His first post is in answer to my 'standing in the way of control' discussion. He gives his excellent perspective on our latest play weekend as well as an overview of the responsibilities of a top as he sees it.
"I do think that part of the skill of a good top is to facilitate letting go: to make the bottom feel safe enough to be vulnerable, to read her well enough to stop at the right time: not too soon, not too late."
I can't wait to hear more! So go on over to the art of corporal punishment and check it out.


Master Retep said...

Well there's an honour no one can take away from you, the subject of HH's FIRST blog. If that isn't successful topping from the bottom, nothing is.

Bonnie said...


I completely agree that we can never have too many toppy blogs. HH's is a fine addition to our community. I just added him to my blogroll.

Thanks for the news.


Paul said...

EmmaJane, thanks, I will do just that.
Warm hugs,

Rebecca said...

Ah so now we're going to get to hear both sides of the story :)

Davey said...

Hearing both sides is always fun. Daisy and I do it when the time is right.