Tuesday, September 15


Last night I was out with a group of close vanilla friends. As I posted last week I haven't seen much of them lately so I was really looking forward to catching up.

As it went it was a really fun night with lots of high jinks and laughter. We went to a concert in a very large field and found entertainment in all sorts of funny ways.

I got nicely tipsy, danced in a crazy fashion, flirted with a vanilla friend and overall felt very happy. Considering the amount of kinky stuff I've had going on lately it was such a nice change of pace to just be myself, not a character, not a role player not a bottom or a brat. Just me Emma Jane. And to be with people I've known for years.

Of course being myself tends to be a very extroverted, giggly girl who thinks that candy floss, ice cream and popcorn are the perfect accompaniments to cheap wine. But my point is I can easily be giddy and mischievous with my vanilla friends and they indulge me. Allow me to be me, laugh along with me. There's no censor on their part and no agenda or subtext on mine. No underlying please spank me undertone. Just good, wholesome fun.

And that's the balance I need in my life. Ability to let go in different facets of my life, but in very different ways. All part of being me.


Eliane said...

While wholely applauding the sentiment, candyfloss, icecream and popcorn with wine? Really?!
Glad you had a good time despite the dodgy food choices!

Paul said...

EmmaJane, absolutely right, we need to fulfil our whole personality.
Balance is essential, in food also. :D
Warm hugs,

Erik said...

I have the feeling of a lovely girl, realy in balance, but never drink cheap wine

EmmaJane said...

@Erik, sorry, it was all that was available at the concert! And it wasn't cheap in price, just in taste.

@Eliane nothing wrong with popcorn, icecream and candyfloss :)

Rebecca said...

Sounds as if you had a great time - balance and quality time with vanilla friends (especially the uni brigade) normally wreaking havoc is really important. You can't be a sub/bottom/thinking about playing all the time xx

Scarlett De Winter said...

I had such a simmilar thing this weekend: Much as a love that "Go up stairs and wait for me you've been a very bad girl" thing, it's also really nice to be like, fuck it, I'm going to drink and smoke and swear without any concequences because actually I am an adult and it's my choice. Just as long as you don't get brought home by the police.

Dante d'Amore said...

Like the little bottle my mother used to flavor her egg nog, a little bit of vanilla can be just what you need.


Abel1234 said...

Interesting that you write - "just be myself, not a character, not a role player not a bottom or a brat. Just me Emma Jane."

You made me wonder - is the vanilla Emma Jane the *real* you, deep down, with the kinky stuff an add-on?

It's interesting: you've got me thinking. 'Cos for me, I think the spanko me is the "real me" these days, and it's the vanilla me that feels uncomfortable or that I'm sometimes having to act a role.