Friday, September 4

Tonight Matthew I'm going to be....

I'm off again peoples, more kinky play awaits me!

The suitcase is packed and what fun that was, tying to fit it all in, for I am going to be several different people this weekend and therefore need a few changes of outfit. Not to mention the obligatory 30 pairs of knickers I bring everywhere (15 white and 15 assorted colours).

First off I shall be Lady Grace Altamount dining with Lord Fawcett and his hostess, Mrs Derby. If Lady Grace meets Lord Fawcett's approval then she shall be invited to his legendary house party. So it's a very big deal that she impresses them both!

Lady Grace Altamount is the only daughter and youngest child of The Hon. Marquess of Sligo, Lord Altamount. Her mother Lousia Catherine, daughter and heiress of the famous English Earl Howe, died when she was but three years old.

She grew up in her father’s stately home, Westport House in Co. Mayo where the family have been in residence since the 16th Century. She was an affectionate if somewhat wilful child, over indulged by her elderly father. Her direct family line descends from the 16th century Grace O’Malley, the Pirate Queen. An imaginative and dramatic child she often fancied herself as a modern Pirate Queen, dreaming of adventure. With no sisters or female relatives in Ireland her formative years were spent happily running wild with her brothers on the Westport estate with a series of nursemaids, nannies and governesses attending to her every whim.

However, on reaching the age of 16 and acting on the advice of her maternal aunt, Lady Martha Aubrey, Lord Altamount sent Grace to London to be refined as a lady and to be introduced into society.

Happily the pain of separation from her father and her beloved Westport, was softened by an immediate attachment to Lady Aubery’s youngest daughter, Lady Francesa. At 17 she was only one year older than Lady Grace. A shy and retiring girl, Lady Francesa blossomed under her cousins’ encouraging spirit. The two immediately became confidantes, often managing to escape the watchful eye of their strict governess Miss Hertford.

Having made a solemn vow not to marry until both were as equally as in love as the other, Lady Grace is now 21 and still unattached, despite several offers for her hand. Her years in London have refined her but her Irish spirit and romanticism still glows beneath the surface.

The girls, growing bored of the society they are restricted to, with rarely a new face to excite them, are thrilled by hearing of a Lord Fawcett’s annual party. Knowing that Mrs Derby is his hostess for this year they contrive to meet her and form an acquaintance in the hope of being invited!

On Saturday Caoilfhionn returns to Lowewood, happy to be back with her friends and looking forward to meeting some new ones. She's also keen to meet the famous Rev Jenkins, back from his travels in time for the new term. She wonders whether he is as mean as his reputation suggests!

And on Sunday poor Fanny Evans is inducted into life at the Reformatory where Dr Grimace will be teaching her the error of her ways.

Fanny Evans is 19 years of age and the only child of the local schoolmaster. A well educated girl who has often felt her father's generous discipline, it was a great shock for the locals to hear her come before the courts.

In desperation to get away from her father's harsh ways she stole his most valuable possessions and made for London. However luck was not on her side and she was robbed not 5 miles from home leaving her no choice but to come home empty handed.

Her mother, fearing that her father would actually kill her pleaded with the magistrate to commit her to the local reformatory where she could learn the error of her ways and be safe from her father's anger.

Thus the magistrate conferred with Lord Fawcett and decided that 3 months in the reformatory would teach her a valuable lesson.

Added to all of the above I'm so looking forward to catching up with some dear friends I haven't seen in ages with the promise of many hugs, laughter and chatting. So I set off very excited indeed!


Abel1234 said...

Rev J? He's even meaner. And he'll be watching you like a hawk for any misbehaviour ;-)

Haron said...

Seriously, "Fanny"? I spot a certain masochistic trend in your choice of character names, my dear...

Eliane said...

Beware, Rev J is an evil piece of work. The stories are all true ;-)
Also, I think I've come up with a suitable punishment for a reformatory girl - helping someone shift furniture all day... No?! Oh well, worth a try.

Graham said...

Have a blast, Cellophane! ; )

Paul said...

EmmaJane, sounds like a great week end, enjoy.
Warm hugs,

EmmaJane said...

Think it's time to move on from the Caoilfhionn jokes. New term and all that :)

Indy said...

Where *do* you get this much energy?! Have a blast!

Caroline Grey said...


And so happy for you. I know you and all your multiple personalities are going to have an absolute blast. Give everyone an extra hug from me.

Julie said...

*stomps foot* I want to come too! Can't you smuggle me in your suitcase or something and completely overlook the fact that I have zero kinky costumes? :P
Hope you have fun and enjoy yourself as much as humanly possible.