Sunday, September 13

The little things at Lowewood

Group play weekend are always made up of little gems of things that happen that I often forget to include in my write ups. These are usually minor things but are often the funniest parts of the weekend or serve to make the play all the more authentic.

Here are just a few from our last Lowewood day that made me laugh or cry or just really made me feel like a schoolgirl. Perhaps the others can add to the things that they noted!

- Getting so excited to see everyone the morning of Lowewood that I fell over the coffee table trying to hug everyone at once

- Everyone wearing cute bows and clips that Rebecca gifted everyone with

- The embarrassment of having to pull up my skirt in front of the entire school to show Miss Cavendish I was wearing regulation knickers

- Noting with delight at how all the girls kept a straight face as we sang the Internet is for Porn while all the teaches save for Mr S struggled to hide their smiles

- Jessica being spanked in assembly for playing above song and trying not to giggle at her predicament

- Singing the actual Lowewood school song and feeling really, really happy to be there

- Dropping a box full of sweets and alcohol minatures outside the door of the staff room and grabbing the alcohol and legging it while Jemima stayed behind to pick up the sweets and plead innocence to the teachers

- Laughing as Sylvie and Jemima claimed 'that's what the servants are for' to every answer in etiquette

- Running out of the school screaming as the fire alarm went off

- Watching Abigail Greene get caught red handed writing anarchy slogans on the blackboard before class

- Laughing as Rebecca taught Beth how to put a condom on with one's teeth in PSHE

- Listening in awe as Miss Cavendish and Jessica discussed different types of dinner laying styles as I puzzled over whether the cutlery worked from outside in or inside out

- Dissecting a flower in Biology and wondering who'd be first to lose a finger

- Laughing at Mr Brown's very yellow games shorts

- Falling in the garden and shredding my knees with the desperation to win the relay race

- Sentenced to detention with Jemima in the Father Smith wing and asking who did she think we'd get landed with as Rev Jenkins appeared

- Dancing on the chairs with Fliss after dinner to the St Trinian's theme tune DEFENDERS OF ANARCHY!!


Paul said...

EmmaJane, that sounds absolutely great.
It's the little moments that are the condiments of the day.
Warm hugs,

Eliane said...

A lot of the time, it is the little things, isn't it? And I can't believe you just dropped the sweets and bolted, leaving me to pick up the remainder, and tell eithe Mr S or Rev J that I was just taking some sweets out to the girls, trying not to wet myself laughing!

Abel1234 said...

That's such a nice post. It's been fascinating reading the various accounts of the day, from different perspectives, and seeing what people really enjoyed - and what some didn't.

As for the sweets - it was break. You were allowed sweets...

Eliane said...

Yes, we were allowed *sweets*. It was what else she'd just run out with that I was worried about!

Rebecca said...

Ah the debate over which place setting style we were using - that did make me laugh! I was rather concerned that poor Abigail was going to have an accident with the scalpel in biology too! Fun fun fun xx

Jessica said...

It was fun ;-)

It reminds me of the song:

'You've got me falling and noticing, the little things that you do, putting a hold right over me.
Funny how it seems - you make me dream...
Doing those little things, those little things you do...