Thursday, September 10


My lovely friend Chalk has quite a way with words and often delights us with her brilliance. I've posted one such piece from her below, which made me laugh out loud.

Simply titled 'A poem on Fetlife during work', I can just imagine her all serious in front of her work colleagues, but quietly writing this:

It is with much procrastination
that I face the bank reconciliation,
cannot resist the temptation
to add to my fetish list.

I lack the motivation
for financial navigation;
instead add to the population
of my fetish list.

This unseemly aberration
from my employer's just expectation...,
when called for explanation...
Should I produce the fetish list?!

Though can't deny the education
of my list's declaration
it's with much fascination
that I seek to fill my fetish list.

So I'll hope for inspiration
on time for accounts' presentation,
an excuse begetting admiration
that avoids my fetish list!

And I thought having kinky fantasies at work was naughty!


Paul said...

EmmaJane, very nice poem, your friend Chalk is very talented.
Thanks for sharing it.
Warm hugs,

Eliane said...

That's so good! Wish I could write poetry...