Monday, September 28

Just a tease

I'm a very lucky girl who gets to play with a lot of great people, both tops and bottoms and switches and what not. But when you take the labels off, these are people I happily count amongst my good friends. (Including one very delightful girl I've only just met but after a few days in her company recognise as another kindred spirit!)

Amongst all the play at the weekend I found myself looking round the room of people and thinking I was obscenely happy to be with them.

As for the actual play, considering I've had practically 3 days of continuous whacking with so many scenes that were so amazing it's no wonder I know not where to start with blogging. But I do swear I shall write up as many as I can and do feel free to beat me if I don't deliver.

Hopefully by the end of the week you'll have heard about:

- Eliane and my's trip to Headmaster Higgins. A first visit for her, alas not the first for me;

- When Emma Jane was given a band of fire to demonstrate to a new girl just how painful it was, followed by a dual beating by both Jessica and Miss Cavendish;

- When Caoilfhionn and Felicity met Juliet in full-on scary mode and were severely punished, partly because we'd been naughty, and partly cause she's just a lil bit evil;

- Then there was the party where the Irish Terror faced off against the Mighty Jew and the Kinky Catholic in an oil wrestling death match;

- I can't forget the first time beating by Martha and her boyfriend. She picked the implements out, he thoroughly did the beating;

- And most scary of all, how the maid got dealt with for stealing by the terrifying duo of Mr Jenkins and Sir Henry!


Haron said...

So, did you get enough play there, Emma? ;)

EmmaJane said...

@Haron, hee hee I think even I was satisfied sweetie!!

It was quite a wonderful weekend, in many, many ways ;)