Wednesday, September 30


I really enjoyed all the comments about my scene with Abel and HH. It was gratifying to think I managed to convey the intensity of the scene. Something I often find hard to do.

Chatting to HH last night we laughed over those who jokingly said I was 'insane' or 'brave' to play with he and Abel at once. Of course I was neither.

By now I have played with both countless times and as their reputations speak louder than I can, both are two of the most experienced players in the scene. And the more I've played with them the better they know me, can read my reactions and know what I need.

And while as a duo they are very terrifying to the scene character, to me, Emma Jane, I feel safer than any other scene. When I play with both of them, the one not whacking me is observing, reading things he with the cane cannot see. Picking up on whether the screams mean I need to stop, whether the tears are good, whether my skin is actually suffering serious damage.

Therefore, knowing both of them are there, allows me to completely and utterly switch off, give up every ounce of control. It allows me to go very, very deep into head space. And when I'm that deep no matter how hard you beat me I won't safeword. I have gone past that.

Which is why HH paused in that scene before he caned me, to check for himself if I could carry on. My look giving him the signal be needed. And when we continued I was safe again knowing that this time, Abel was watching me carefully.

So having two tops there acts as an extra safety net; having Abel and HH together is the ultimate freedom. Going that deep with someone I didn't absolutely trust, now that would be insane.


Abel1234 said...

You're spot on that a scene this intense couldn't work without absolute trust - between the tops, and between the tops and the young lady they're whacking. In this case, the whole set-up was quite perfect.

Eliane said...

I stand by my previous point I'm afraid... I don't think you're insane, but I *do* think you are brave. Regardless of how much trust you have in people, it still takes an amount of courage to put yourself in the situation where you know you will be hurt. Even if you trust them implicitly and know that they *will not* push you past your limits, allowing that degree of power exchange is one of the bravest things you can do.
So I still have admiration for you.

Paul said...

EmmaJane, I agree with Eliane, even with two such Tops you have my admiration.
Warm hugs,

Rebecca said...

I think trust is a huge and delicate thing - it's fantastic the three of you have such a strong bond to play like that xx

Scarlett De Winter said...

Well, I *still* think you're very brave because you play a lot harder than I reckon I ever good (but thats a whole other blog post!) Of course you're not insane, in fact you're deeply sensible, if you were playing that kind of scene with two random guys who didn't know how to whack you properly, then *that* would be insane. I'm glad you got to enjoy something so intense.

catherine said...

Having played scenes with both of them - separately, together, and with others I can only say that it's an amazing head trip. (At this point a particularly memorable triple-domming scene springs to mind in which three gentlemen, of whom Abel and HH were two, were competing to bring poor Catherine to tears with a variety of canes, straps and paddles. Unfortunately for them, I'd also gone into challenge mode, so far that tears of laughter were the best they were going to get, though there were a lot of pained squeals mixed in with the giggles!)

I love being the centre of attention with tops I completely trust, and I love that we're all just having our version of a great time. No complications, no politics, just roleplay and spanking - to me, that feels like freedom.

(Having said that, cavity searches are a hard limit. OMG Emma, you're such a perv!)

Love you hon xxx