Sunday, September 13


I really like these pictures for the contrast they illustrate.

The first showing where I'm a good, brave girl, holding postiton as ordered, controlling myself. Back arched nicely, bottom properly presented, legs straight, straining on my tiptoes. The red glow of my already sore bottom just visible.

And the second, where I have lost control. Sagging almost to my knees after the final hard stroke fell, gasping for air as I try to deal with the pain. No dignity here, open and exposed.


Angie said...

Thank you for sharing, they are a stunning set.

What had been used on you?

After, I normally am just collapsed over whatever I was over.

And I Hate having to stay on my toes in position like that, so terribly hard to do, I usually get extras. So you did so well.


Paul said...

EmmaJane, thanks for the pictures.
I think that you do yourself no justice, there is dignity in the way that you cope with pain.
Warm hugs,

EmmaJane said...

Aww thanks guys

@Angie, these were taken at the end of my 300 strokes that Abel gave me as a result of you lovely readers commenting.

The first one is after 250 as I braced myself for the dragon cane, and the second is afer the last of these landed :)

Abel1234 said...

Mmmm, happy memories :-)

Haron said...

*drools silently*

Master Retep said...

So the second picture was to make all of us who commented feel guilty. Well it worked, sorry about that :(

Eliane said...

@MasterRetep. What do you mean it made us feel guilty? Not me! Serves her right for being silly enough to ASK us how many she should have ;-)

The verification word is sublet. I don't think we should let those naughty subs do anything!