Monday, September 28

The error of her ways

I knew when Jenkins summoned me that the time for punishment had come. His anger emanated in waves as he hauled me roughly into Sir Henry's study. Although his voice was sharp with me, he very respectful to his Lordship.

I trembled as I was made to stand before them both, my eyes downcast on the floor.

Jenkins explained that I had been found 5 miles away on the road to London with several pieces of the family silver on my person, but that her Ladyship's jewels were not to be found. He grabbed my hair as he spoke, and forced me to look at his Lordship.

"Tell his Lordship where her Ladyships's jewels are" he ordered. I could not find my voice and looked at him mutely, until I felt a sharp slap across my face. It was followed swiftly by another until I babbled that I had only taken the silver, not the jewels.

"A likely story, m'Lord", Jenkins pulled my hair even tighter, bringing tears to my eyes. "In your service but a year and look how she repays you, stealing your silver and her Ladyship's jewels and running off. I've very sorry for ever taking her on", Jenkins apologised, glaring at me angrily.

Sir Henry stood before me, his hand roughly raising my chin to meet his eyes.

"I'm going to make you very sorry for this, you thieving girl" he spat, "But first I must find my wife's jewels". He released me pushing me backwards. "Search her. Thoroughly" he ordered Jenkins. "She may have the jewels hidden on her".

Jenkins ordered me to strip off, and with trembling hands I obeyed. As I divested my clothing he searched each thoroughly but found nothing. I hesitated at taking off my under garments, my hands would not obey, but Jenkins grabbed my arms while Sir Henry quickly finished stripping me. Finally, I stood before them naked, trying desperately to cover my modesty.

"Continue searching her" Sir Henry commanded. "Everywhere". I did not know what he meant until Jenkins forced my mouth open and poked inside with his fingers.

Shaking his head at Sir Henry he then pushed me across the desk, kicking my legs apart, making me feel so exposed. But worse was to come. I twisted my head at the sound of a rubber glove, terrified at what they might do to me.

Holding me down firmly with one hand Jenkins put his fingers inside me, in my most intimate place. He probed me roughly making me cry out in pain and shame. But when he turned his attentions to my other orifice I started to struggle wildly but could not remove him. Such pain, I thought it would never stop.

"Nothing there m'Lord" Jenkins reported, removing his glove.

"Well I think I had better check, just to be sure" his Lordship replied and once again my orifices were painfully probed.

Once he had satisfied himself that I concealed nothing he stood me before him asking if I wished to remain in the house, was I sorry for my crime? To which I sobbed apologies and begged forgiveness.

Jenkins' opinion was asked for and he conceded I had been a good maid but I would need to be severely punished to remind me to behave in future. My eyes widened in terror at this but I meekly obeyed when told to place myself over the desk again.

Sir Henry held me down and from the corner of my eye I could see Jenkins lifting a heavy cane.

"I'm going to flog you til you scream girl" he told me, tapping the rod on my bare bottom. "I've never been so let down by someone I've hired, in all my years of working here".

With that the first stroke of the rod burned across me and I yelped loudly, trying to twist away, but Sir Henry held me firm. Again and again the rod fell, with barely any time in between in which I could get any respite. It was not long before I was screaming aloud. I do not know how many he gave me, 20, perhaps 30, it all blurred in an agony of fire until I was crying for mercy. I had been flogged before but never with such intensity.

When he had finally paused he offered the rod to Sir Henry and took his turn to hold me down. Again the rod whipped down on on me, again causing such pain I screamed once more. Although it was severe, there were not as many as Jenkins had given me, and when he had done with me I lay slumped over the desk in agony.

"Lock her in her room for a few days" Sir Henry dismissed us. "If she has swallowed the jewels we shall soon know".

Weeping silently I was dragged naked out of the room by Jenkins, my clothes clutched in my hands. I would never steal again.


Abel1234 said...

Great write-up of an exceptionally hot scene. I loved it - I was so deeply in role that you fully deserved the full-strength thrashing that you got!

Lovely :-)

Henry Higgins said...

It was indeed a very hot scene, and you looked a delightful picture as you tried to cover yourself from all directions at once.

I've told the same story from a different perspective on my own blog, and it's interesting to see the similarities and differences in the viewpoints. Some things we both picked up, others just one of us. And some things are just plain different.

I have seldom caned so hard - or so fast. In fact I think the two are related: in the usual "headmaster's study" scene there is ritual, and I slide the cane into position and tap to announce where the stroke will land. This was different: a miscreant maid was being taught a lesson by an irate employer. No subtlety, no niceties. Very powerful, but in a different way.

EmmaJane said...

@Abel and HH, Awww you guys are so great, beating me to tears and then being so nice the day after ;)


Paul said...

EmmaJane, a beautiful but no doubt painful scene, thank you.
Warm hugs,

Eliane said...

Goodness, I can imagine those two were a formidable team indeed! You are a braver girl than me!

Scarlett De Winter said...

I'm not sure whether you're really brave or really silly... Seriously. *THOSE* two. Together!? At the same time?! You're mad, woman. Mad.
Love you to bits all the same though.


Julie said...

That makes me squirm just reading it. And I completely agree with Scarlett there - insane person. :P

Pandora Blake said...

Delightful scene, and incredibly hot write-up! I'm so sorry I couldn't be there, but given my state of mind over the weekend I don't think I'd have been in the right headspace. Anyway, it's almost as much fun reading about it afterwards, and squirming at the thought of what you got up to :)

Anyway, I'm desperate to know: DID Maria steal the emeralds?

Henry Higgins said...

@Pandora: No, it seems Maria didn't steal them after all. Lady Fortescue can be rather forgetful, I'm afraid, and she did not remember that her jeweller had taken them away for cleaning a few weeks before.

Isn't it fortunate that we decided not to report the matter to the constabulary? Maria's bottom will heal, and at least she has no criminal record.

Mija said...

An amazing account -- and the rareness of being able to read from multiple perspectives makes it all the more wonderful.

What a powerful scene -- thank you for sharing it.

Caroline Grey said...

It is incredible to get to read about the scene from different angles. It's like kinky literature in stereo!

This blog rocks my socks. :)