Saturday, September 19

The anticipation of participation

Hee, hee I'm all excited. It's Nimhneach tonight and for the first time in months both my school girl soulmate and total partner in crime and I will be in attendance together. Not to mention the wonderful Topcat! It's been far too long since he got to swing anything at me and I figure he'll be making them count!

Herself and I have already had the 'what to wear' discussion. No surprises that it's school uniform but we had to think about which one. We have 3 uniforms that completely match from skirts, to pinafores to ties and shirts.

The final decision was grey skirt, white shirt, burgundy sweater, plaid burgundy tie and white knee socks. We will be looking very cute.

And I'm so up for playing I'm beside myself. A flogging you say? Oh yes please. Is that a cane? Certainly I'll take double. A strapping ? Oh don't stop. I may even go as far as taking a hair brushing. Bring it on!

BTW if you're at Nimheach come up and say hi!


Scarlett De Winter said...

Have an awesome time sweetie.


Eliane said...

Have a fantastic time!!

Paul said...

EmmaJane, enjoy, have a great time.
Warm hugs,

Erik said...

WOW looking forward to hear about your play, sweet schoolgirl.

Master Retep said...

"The final decision was grey skirt, ...".

Harrumph, how come myself and Topcat found ourselves in the pub after 9.30, waiting for "the girls" to "finally decide" which uniform they were going to wear. Not a good idea to keep teachers waiting, young lady.

MecIrlandais said...

Excelent stuff, jealous I wasn't there, it's been too long! Hope you had a ball.