Monday, September 21

Black and blue

I went to Nimhneach with the desire to be soundly beaten. And thanks to my lovely friends that wish was fulfilled.

Thing is on club nights I thrive on hard scenes. Floggings in particular. Strokes land on my thighs, the backs of my legs, all over me. And I don't care at the time. Riding out the pain, loving the publicness of the play. I want to be marked and bruised. Reminds me of my early club nights on the scene where I was black and blue for days.

And those who like to play with me seem to enjoy inflicting such marks on me too.

But that's all well and good at the time. Waking up on Sunday mornings after the fact are not as fun. When turning over in bed hurts and I'm limping around the place. Dreading getting into my car. Unable to wear short PJs around the house or my short skirts to work. Almost shocked at how my ass and legs look.

Cancelling a wax appointment once again, cos there is no way earthly way I can explain the marks. And being slightly concerned I've jeopardised an upcoming weekend of play.

And when I'm next at the club, will I take it easier? Not play so hard?

Of course not, pain is fleeting on this eternal quest to fly.


Abel1234 said...

Mmmm: upcoming weekend. I wonder which will hold true:

- your bruises will be seen, sympathy forthcoming and you'll avoid being whacked as a result

- your bruises will be seen, you'll be scolded for having "been in trouble, young lady" and thrashed even harder?


Erik said...

thanks a lot for letting me know how you feel the day after, I would love much more, about going to work after that, admiring your marks etc.. You are really a fantastic girl. Any pictures?

Paul said...

EmmaJane, you sound somewhat addicted, but as long as it is *harmless*.
Warm hugs,

Eliane said...

I do love soreness the day after, but that sounds a little too extreme for me!

Rebecca said...

Awww bless you - as long as you flew then I don't think it matters but agree the logistics of 'covering up' can be more than a little interesting! I am also tempted to go very far when I get going and the rush comes... xx

MecIrlandais said...

Glad you enjoyed the Academy!