Friday, June 5

All in the detail

I'm a girl and I like clothes (most of us do). Now, I may not be the most glamorous or stylish of girls but I do like to wear the correct clothes for whatever occasion I'm attending. Dressing appropriately for that job interview, or night out or meeting a boy's parents for the first time. Whatever it is, the right clothes give me confidence.

Well being kinky throws up a whole new set of occasions to dress for: club nights, schooldays, reformatories, historical re-enactments. The list is endless and I find it almost as much fun to plan and find the perfect outfit as actually wearing it and playing in it!

Of course my kindred spirit in the 'props and costumes department', as she calls it, is Caroline Grey. She probably out does me in the obsessiveness stakes and really comes into her own when organising 'school' club nights out, where a group of us attend in matching uniforms. Woe betide any member of the school not wearing the appropriate outfit (and that includes the teachers!). The only point I have to pull her up on is to fix her tie properly, which I'm fanatical about!

Unfortunately Caroline and I live on different sides of this island so we rarely get to shop together. Unless it's online and we're good at that. But luckily my vanilla friend who knows I'm kinky, (let's call her Lollipop from now on) comes in very useful here.

She's not just good at being my alibi and holding the details of where I am at various times, but just as importantly very helpful with finding outfits for my various kinky events. Many a Saturday morning we can be found wandering around our favorite shopping haunts. I never realised that shops in Dublin sold so many pervertible clothes. Sometimes they're a real treasure trove of kinky delights and I'm not talking about the over-priced sex shops.

So Lollipop, God bless her, always indulges my obssessiveness. Usually along the lines of me going 'I need a ribbon for my school hat, no that's not thick enough, no that's not blue enough' etc, etc. She doesn't even bat an eyelid when I muse over hot pants or a see-through skirt or no skirt at all. And when I try the whole outfit on for her she manages to say all the right things.

"Yes you do look very slutty in that those hot pants aren't too long...yes I can definitely see your bum...mmmmm I agree those heels are very hookerish.."

Thus knowing I have the right outfit I set out to play, already half way there to having a great scene. It's equally important the other players are also dressed appropriately, no headmaster in black leather please and don't attempt to do a school scene with me if you're holding a whip or other such non-authentic implement.

And when we do school scenes at Nimhneach, they always seem to work out well even though we're in a club surrounded by all sorts of kinksters. I guess it's because when the headmaster, cane in hand, orders you to bend over, lower your knickers and raise your skirt, that everything else fades out. It's all in the detail.


Master Retep said...

Some of us are ambidextrous enough to switch from leather and chains to school gown and cane, no problemo.

EmmaJane said...

Perfect, my fav kind of tops :)

Julie said...

Mhhmhm, dressing up for scenes is one thing I look forward to as well, with me also being a stickler for details.. ;-)
I imagine it would help me a lot to get in character during roleplays.