Saturday, June 13

Caoilfhionn's First Day

So tomorrow is Caoilfhionn's first day at Lowewood. I'm thinking of her heading into morning assembly and what might be going through her head.

She'll be dressed ever so neatly in her new uniform: short black skirt, white blouse, black blazer, striped tie, white knee socks and black Mary Janes. Her hair will be neatly pinned back, her tie exactingly straight.

She'll be a little bit nervous but carefully hiding it. Sitting back, taking it all in and looking round at the other girls. Old girls greeting each other and introducing themselves to the new ones; a loud chorus of excited chattering.

Trying not to get annoyed at the atrocious pronunciation of her name. 'For feck's sake it's Caoilfhionn (KEE-LIN). How come the American girls can say it but the English girls can't?'

Admiring everyone in their smart uniforms. Although. 'What is with that Jemima girls hair? That must have take her ages to do. Obviously an early riser, glad I'm not sharing with her'.

Wonders which of the girls will be her particular friends. There's two other new girls as well but they already know each other. And while Natalie Taylor-Meade is in her house she seems a bit...strange. 'Hmmm, but still maybe she'll be nice.'

And the rest of her fellow netball team mates. 'Such a shame that none of them turned up for the early training session I organised. But I'm sure they'll pull together on the day and we'll still win. Beth Somerton our captain seems very capable.'

Notices the Headgirl berating someone. 'Feck she looks scary. Best keep out of her way, power mad prefects are not to be messed with.'

Spies Sylvie Barnable interrogating the other new girl, Cassady Lord. 'Probably doing a write up for the school paper, isn't she the editor? If she writes about me she better get my name right: Caoilfhionn Ni BrĂ¡daigh. For girls who study the classics they're having serious trouble with it. Hope the teachers manage better!'

And thinking of the teachers, she appraises them carefully, wondering who'll be easy going. She's heard Mr Shaftbotham doesn't tolerate any misbehaviour and is a firm believer in corporal punishment. She's no stranger to such punishment herself but wouldn't want to get into trouble her first day. What had Beth said, 'make sure not to get pink slipped', She's not sure what that means but from Beth's tone sounded liked a punishment of sorts.

But she doesn't know much about the other teachers. Apparently Rev Jenkins or Unstable Abel (??) as she heard one girl call him, is a psycho to be avoided at all costs. But he's away at a seminar this week. 'Anyway I won't have much to do with him, not being one of his flock. Maybe I can keep off his radar.'

She thinks of the lessons ahead, hopes she'll do well at them, that she'll be up to standard without too much effort. Most of today's classes seem interesting, except for art of course. 'Bugger, can't believe after all these years of avoiding it I have to do it here.' Despite her pleas her parents wouldn't get her excused from it, wanting her to become more refined. Which means she'll have to do etiquette as well. She hates having to do things she's rubbish at.

Glances at Natalie, 'Bet she's good at art' *SIGH*. Wonders should she tell Natalie her tie is crooked and offer to fix it for her. Except Natalie seems to be in a world of her own,
maybe interrupting her is not a good idea. 'But she really should fix her tie, it's a disgrace!'

Still at least it's not all boring classes. There's the interhouse netball match this afternoon, definitely something to look forward to. Even if her brothers howled with laughter at her doing such a girly sport. It was better than no sport at all. 'Oh and I must talk to Mr Tough about setting up a girls rugby team. That'll be such fun!'

With that comforting thought she stands with the rest of the school as they sing the school song, Tell Out My Soul. 'Oh this is nice, a proper school song and sung so lovely'

At that moment she feels an enormous sense of pride; she's a Lowewood girl now.


Paul said...

EmmaJane, welcome to Lowewood.
I look forward to your first contribution and your first spanking. LOL
Warm hugs,

Eliane said...

Jemima is very much looking forward to meeting Caoilfhionn, though she is a little worried about her potential over-competitveness on the netball court.

Jessica said...

As Head Girl, Caoilfhionn, I'm sure I'll help to make you feel welcome at Lowewood. Here's hoping you enjoy your day!

Jessica x