Wednesday, June 10

The call of Twitter

Twitter is calling me but I must resist. I'm already addicted to my phone and my laptop. So much so that I check my email when I wake up in the middle of the night. I also became addicted to blogging very quickly, to the point of noting down my dreams as soon as I wake up (no matter what the time) so I can blog about them.

An obsessive and addictive personality such as mine can only lead to disaster on Twitter. I'd be updating 24/7, probably along the lines of:

'Am awake, it's 3 am. Had a dream of some sort'

'Alarm gone off, ugh'

'Skipped breakfast....again'

'Running out of the house, late!'

'I've just had a kinky thought'

'Just had another kinky thought'

There's a good chance I'd get banned for over-use. Yes, must resist the urge to tweet. I can be strong, can't I?


Kami Robertson said...

Yes, you can sweetie ;) And if not, I'm sure some can *make* you be stronger ;)

Rebecca said...

Don't do it - seriously so many of my friends waste silly amounts of time on there - I'm just resisting!

Julie said...

I have already succumbed to the superfluous thing as well. :-(
I'm pretty good at only updating once or twice a day there, though. Yay me.
(I'll just not mention that I waste time tweaking my blog instead. Cough.)

EmmaJane said...

Hey Miss Jules did you send me a twitter invite?? Seriously that is not helping matters at all, you need spanking ;)

Rebecca, I'm trying. I really am.

And Kami not sure I wnat your help to *make* me stronger!!

Caroline Grey said...

Oh, it's a given, Emma. You know you'll end up there. Don't be stubborn.

MecIrlandais said...

I am still not really sure what twitter is. I don't think I want to know more either, this could be the end of what little productivity I have left.

Kami Robertson said...

I don't understand why not mine help :P But that's ok, I was thinking about someone's else really :P