Thursday, June 18

Topping hazards

Master Retep's latest post made me laugh. He was complaining about a spanking that he administered that left his hand swollen and sore the next day. Not sure about the rest of you bottom types but I take delight in toppy types getting injured when dishing out the spankings!

Like when my good friend Frank hand spanked 3 of us so hard at one Nimhneach that he had a massive blister the next day (and posted the pics to prove it!). In fairness it was some feat to administer 3 sounds spankings in a row (to the beat of some techno music) but none of us were at all sympathetic to his injury!

Or when Aegean from Sound Punishment came to visit and his hand started to bleed as he spanked me. He stopped mid spanking to complain and then switched to a cane. I really don't see how it was my fault but I did enjoy telling everyone afterwards that I had broken his spanking hand.

And that time another toppy friend was flicking a bull whip and caught himself on the nose with the backlash (my offer to lend him by girl's guide to whipcraft didn't go down well at this juncture!).

Then there's the injuries that I am actually responsible for causing to the tops myself. Like kicking Frank in the head while struggling over his knee one time. He was so impressed I didn't even get any extra! Or kicking Abel so hard I left bruises. Although seriously if you are silly enough to hold my legs down when someone else is beating me with a nasty bath brush you deserve everything you get.

And doesn't it usually seem that toppy types are quite wimpy when it comes to pain? They can give it out but they can't take it. Like screaming if you give the tiniest of pinches or the gentlest of nips with your teeth. And how come one little pinch or nip can result in 6 cane strokes? That seems slightly over the top, which to be fair most tops are!


Eliane said...

Nope, they can't take it ;-) Like the time I'd been winding Abel up about not being able (ha, geddit!) to spank with his left hand. So he tried to prove he could... and gave up after four smacks, wimpering that it hurt too much. My point proved, I feel.

Julie said...

Big whiny wimps, the bunch of them. :P
I fear though that the size and strength differences between my boyfriend and me are so big that me injuring him would rarely happen.

EmmaJane said...

@Ms Jules, size certainly doesn't matter. Just depends how determined you are. Frank is an ex-rugby playing giant compared to me and I still managed to hurt him.

You may surprise yourself ;)

Master Retep said...

"toppy types are quite wimpy" Finally, the penny dropped and you realise why we choose to be the Tops.

MecIrlandais said...

I did enjoy F's injury there!

You missed one though. You severly injured a fellow bottom during a session. Both face down on the bed, as he reached for an implement (maybe to hide it under a pillow) you nipped him & then twisted it in that really sensitive fleshy part of the upper arm. God, even typing that pains me.

The bruises there lasted a lot longer than the ones on my ass even though we got a hell of a thrashing that evening.

EmmaJane said...

I missed nothing, this is about topping injuries, not bottoms!

And serves you right for messing with me ;)