Thursday, June 11

What are they trying to tell me?

I wonder about my vanilla friends sometimes. As I've discussed, apart from Lollipop, they don't know about my kinky interests. But over the past few months they've been buying me quite kinky presents. So do they intend them to be kinky or is it just that I'm perverting reality?

Take Christmas for example, I got a gorgeous little handbag from a friend I only know a year. It's small and black, with corset type lacing on the sides, and a tassle on the clasp. Oh and lots of little dominatrices all over it (high heels and corsets, holding whips). And to top it all off the bag is from a range called Dirty Girl???

My flatmate recently gave me two tubes of prescription medication for use on severe bruising and my best friend brought me back a wooden ruler as a souvenir from her holiday!!! What would any normal grown-up need a ruler for?

Then for my birthday I got a really funny book called 211 Things a Bright Girl Can Do, and in it there is a whole section on How to be bad, all you need to know to be a very naughty girl! Including how to perform a striptease, strangle a man with your bare thighs and how to use a whip.

I'm seriously beginning to wonder are they trying to tell something, do they know and want to reassure me? Are all my worries over not telling them so easily dissolved, or as usual is my imagination running away from me?

Although thinking of the book, I suppose if they had sussed out my kink, they'd know I'm already well capable of being a very, naughty girl :)


Julie said...

Those presents sound awesome - I'm intensely jealous. :P Doesn't seem like perverting reality to me, though. You didn't accidentally leave kinky websites open when they came over, did you?
Cause I think that is how my Dad and his girlfriend found out.. doesn't matter anymore, though, since they are okay with it. Now I only need to hide stuff from my sister.

Kami Robertson said...

"What would any normal grown-up need a ruler for?"

Normally people use ruler to draw a straight line :P No? Wrong answer? Sorry LOL

About the presents though, you sound like you are compalning girl :P Start appreciating their sixth sense! :P

MecIrlandais said...

All you need to draw a straight line is two points on it & a ruler. That's what we use them for.

BTW, didn't you ASK for the cream?

Jessica said...

I think strangling a chap with your thighs is a bit scary. After all, what's wrong with your hands?

EmmaJane said...

Jessica, I think it's more of a work out to do it with your thighs!

Mec I didn't ask for it, she suggested I needed it upon seeing my bruises (which I lied away)

And yes they are nice presents, and no I don't use the ruler to draw straight lines, it gets used in other ways, with different sorts of lines!