Wednesday, June 17

Living for all these highs and lows

Lately I've been having some pretty amazing experiences kink wise. From spanking parties, to kinky days out to full-on school role-plays. And within all those experiences I've met and played with new people and tried new things. It's been fantastic!

Many of these experiences have involved role-play, an important part of what what we do. Allowing us to fully immerse into the scene and react naturally to what is happening. It also ensures there's variety to what we do. It's not just another beating. From schoolgirls to maids to teenagers to reformatory girls, all with different backgrounds. The list is endless and therefore the play opportunities are endless. And playing with different people and using different scenarios means you can never predict how a scene will turn out, which is the best part of all.

And great play means you achieve that state where you want to stay in role and play forever. You've reached a 'high', created by both the endorphin rush from the physical punishment and all the emotions released in the scene. Your spirits are rampant and you feed on the energy around you from both the tops and bottoms you play with.

The only downside to so much fun and roleplaying, is the inevitable crash when it's over. Especially when doing group scenes or playing for an extended period of time.

And as Eliane discussed yesterday, this drop is further enhanced by others around you dropping at the same time, all reluctantly letting go of the scene and mentally preparing for real life again.

For me the drop is further compounded by having to leave all the people I've just been playing with, not quite sure when I'll see them again. In the last few months I've made some great new friends and the more I see them and spend time with them, the harder it is to say goodbye.

In our quest for such great 'highs' we are setting ourselves up for this drop. And the bigger the 'high', the bigger the drop. But sub drop or top drop as it's known, is an accepted hazard of what we do and I for one wouldn't have it any other way. I'd rather have serious 'highs' and 'lows' than mediocre experiences that don't even register when they're over.

And fortunately, for me anyway, the drop doesn't last long. Once I process the event in my head and get some much needed sleep, I turn to looking forward to my next adventure. I'm living for all these highs and lows!


Jessica said...

I think the high of good play is worth any amount of sub-drop. When you get it right, roleplay is like an ecstasy of being. And if you can only have that feeling once in your life, it's worth doing it again

Kami Robertson said...

I agree Emma, the bigger the 'high' the bigger the 'low' :( Hope you are mych better now (my subdrop is yet to come)

I hoped to see you yesterday :(

EmmaJane said...

I agree Jessica, and once the low passes I spend ages gigglig over the high :)

So sorry I wasn't there Kami, would have loved to have seen you, hugs xx

Rebecca said...

Awww cherish the high and take solace in hugs, glittery make-up and ice cream through the lows :) xx