Monday, June 15

End of Term Report

Well Caoilfhionn had quite the first term at Lowewood. Despite her resolve to be very well behaved she ended up being the naughtiest girl in the school with the least amount of housepoints at the end of term. How did that happen?

On the plus side she felt comfortable at Lowewood from the start. Despite Mr S's concerns that her convent education might have left her ill prepared for life at Lowewood, she found kindred spirits in the other girls, who were all so much fun and really made her first term an excellent one.

Although her name proved to be a severe trial with much abuse of it ensuing. Teachers refused to acknowledge how it was pronounced and some of her fellow pupils made up their own versions of it. Cellophane being the least palatable of these! She therefore spent much of the term wearily correcting the various pronunciations, with the plaintive cry of 'It's KEEL-IN' becoming a recurring phrase.

An inability to shut up when in trouble was Caoilfhionn's main problem and certainly something she was encouraged to improve on. It all started going wrong in Assembly during the uniform inspection. To her outrage she lost house points due to what was deemed inappropriate ear rings (despite having the neatest uniform in the whole school). 5 points wasn't too terrible really but vocalising said outrage led to her losing 15 more points. Not a good start.

Throwing apples at other pupils during lunch-time led to the loss of more points. Even though she was merely just trying to get some netball practice in!

So by the time classes started properly she was determined to stop the slide. And her pink slipping (being sent to see one of the housemasters for punishment) was due to an out of term incident that unluckily Mr S came to hear of. A sound spanking, slippering, tawsing and caning certainly made her think twice about participating in any future drunken wrestling activities. And really she was lucky she didn't get extra for trying to tell Mr B it was a new form of pilates that she was trying out.

She was therefore quite well behaved in all the other classes finding them both interesting and challenging. And due to her prior convent education excelled at PSE, knowing exactly what urges boys were likely to have and how a good girl should deal with them.

But art was her undoing. Never a subject she was going to like or be good at she wasn't inclined to focus on the task at hand. Meaning her repeated drawing of phallic objects earned her a strapping in front of the class and more losing of points.

At netball she came into her own, with her team thrashing the opposition in the first game and a respectable draw in the second. Even if her own team mates were afraid of her, she was pleased with her performance.

Unfortunately the loss of so many points so early on proved irredeemable and at -25 she found herself the worst girl in the school, much to her fellow Byron housemate Natalie's disgust, having managed a record breaking +85!

So dispatched to detention with Mr S she comforted herself with the fact she was in good company joined by both the Deputy Head Girl and Games Captain. Another spanking and hard tawsing (24) followed by 13 with the cane firmly impressed on her the need to keep her mouth shut and out of trouble.

However, she really felt she'd settled at Lowewood when as one the school corrected Mr S's pronunciation of her name in final assembly:

'It's KEE-LIN sir!'


Eliane said...

I for one enjoyed meeting Cellophane. Sorry, KEE-LIN ;-)

Paul said...

Caoilfhionn aka Keel-in, such a shame that I missed your exploits at Lowewood.
Great post, enjoyed it.
Warm hugs,

Graham said...

Yeah, Cassady did feel a little bit guilty about coining 'Cellophane' ; ) And pulling your hair... and being generally awful to you... though she did A) get caned for it and B) come up with the idea of shouting your proper pronunciation in unison so that redeems her somewhat right??

It was lovely meeting you : )

Rebecca said...

Corrected the headmaster to tell him it was Cellophane or Keelin? Am glad you had fun and was sad to miss you all (though the bucks fizz in the sun did lots to make up for it :) )

Jessica said...

You were the naughtiest girl in school, but you are a worthy addition to the netball team - we will put the fear of God into the next team we play!

And I pronounced your name right - it was my duty as Head Girl...;)

EmmaJane said...

Yes Jessica, you and the other senior girls were very good at pronouncing my name and being nice to me. And wasn't the netball fun, we were very scary together!!

Rebecca, we all shouted Kee-lin. Hope to see you next term, hear we share a similar competitive streak ;)

Despite you both being very mean to me I did enjoy hanging out with you both Jemima and Cassady and figure I got my own back at both of you in netball!

Indy said...

Thanks for this delightful description of your first day at Lowewood-- I hope to see you there one day. Still chuckling at the pilates excuse.

MecIrlandais said...

Cellophane & the group correction of the pronunciation, great stuff!