Friday, June 26

A painful lesson

Another scene from my latest kinky escapade....

Anna has been sent to stay with her Uncle Henry, much to her complete horror. She begged her parents to take her with them on their month long trip to Thailand, but to no avail. Bangkok was no place for a teenager and Uncle Henry would love to have her stay.

Anna wasn't so sure, Uncle Henry had always struck her as very old fashioned, always saying that girls should be seen and not heard and muttering about discipline. She couldn't see that they were going to get along at all or why he'd want her there in the first place.

Her fears were realised when he gave her a detailed schedule for each day. She was expected to spend the whole morning in study, completing arbitrary tasks such as copying out the botany dictionary or learning all the spellings in the Victorian spelling book that he had. Despite her protests that none of it was at all useful to her in her current schooling. Even worse he made her carry out these tasks wearing her school uniform. It was so unfair.

The afternoons were only slightly better with her either being assigned some boring task such as typing up his letters or else being dragged out on a long nature walk. She wasn't permitted to watch TV and the only books she was allowed were those deemed as suitable for improving a young lady's mind.

She didn't think it could get any worse, until it did.

Believing her uncle to be out on business all day she took advantage to stay in her room and text her boyfriend James. She'd been careful enough to keep her phone hidden from Uncle Henry and only used it when he wasn't around.

She was giggling at a particularly naughty text from James when her uncle stormed in. What a sight she made, sprawled across her bed, with her legs in the air and her uniform very untidy indeed. She sat up in shock and tried to hide her phone but Uncle Henry had seen it. Grabbing it from her he demanded to know what she had been doing and why she wasn't studying in the library as she ought.

She mumbled excuses about a nap but he didn't believe her. Going through her phone he found her latest messages to James and instructed her to read them aloud. Mortified she complied.

"I'd take my shirt off and let you look at me. So wish you were here. Hiding out from pervy Uncle H, only another week to go, thank fuck"

and another

"Oooh that's very naughty of you but think I'd like that. It would feel so nice. I'm getting excited. Kisses Anna"

Uncle Henry was disgusted with her, calling her a very dirty girl and wanting to know who James was. He threatened to tell her parents and suggest they send her to a strict convent to complete her education. Anna was so mortified by this she begged him not to tell them. She couldn't bear for them to find out and agreed to take her punishment from Uncle Henry instead.

To her horror, he first of all made her strip out of her uniform, pointing out if she couldn't wear it neatly she'd better take it off altogether. Poor Anna was so embarrassed but afraid to disobey. Blushing hotly she stood before him naked trying to cover herself with her hands until he made her stand up straight with her hands on her head. Looking her up and down he coldly told her that if she behaved like a slut he'd treat her like one.

Then he took her to the bathroom and scrubbed her all over for being such a dirty girl. Anna was so ashamed she cried. But worse was to come, she had her mouth soaped out for her bad language in the text. It was so awful. He scrubbed her mouth thoroughly and then made her hold the bar in her mouth while he scolded her about her slutty behaviour and ill-disciplined ways, warning her he was going to teach her a lesson she'd never forget. Finally, she was allowed to spit it out but the taste of the soap stayed with her for a long time after.

Back in her room he shamed her further by enquiring whether she had acted on the messages she was sending, and didn't believe her fervent assurances that she hadn't. To teach her naughty little hands to behave he strapped them hard with a tawse. The tears rolled down her face as she had to hold her hands up to him again and again until each burned with vivid red stripes.

Clutching her hands in agony Anna prayed he was finished but no, she was then bent over for the cane. Lying across a high armchair so her legs were lifted off the floor she felt so vulnerable. Trying to grip the arms of the chair with her hands still burning, she waited for the cane to descend.

Each stroke was so blindingly hard that she struggled to count as instructed. First, 12 across her bottom, delivered that hard and fast they blended into one continuous burning pain. 12 more, slower, but on her thighs, causing her to shriek in agony after each one. The final 12, across both her bottom and thighs, re-igniting previous strokes. She desperately counted down each one.

She was so relieved when he lifted her down that she didn't mind that he sat her on his lap and held her close. Brushing away her tears and consoling her. Not caring how long he held her as long as the pain stopped.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, your bottom must have amazing regenerative powers or something...

Nice scene though ;-). You know, I've managed to go 2 years now without ever having my mouth washed out with soap... I'm wondering if I should just cave and take it off the 'Oh-God-No' list...?

Eliane said...

Don't cave, Faye!! It's most definintely still on my "Oh-God-No" list!

Angie said...

oh my, feeling very flushed right now....

MecIrlandais said...

Soaping is not something I think I could ever do, any time I've got something like that in my mouth by accident was horrid!

Another quality piece of blogging. Fantastic scene, you are so strong for taking the cane on the thighs, I would have been safewording after the first stroke!

I love the idea of you being lifted off your feet to take the caning, especially so with your burning hands holding you up. That is one wicked uncle!

Jessica said...

Oooo, I love a wicked uncle. Shame both of my two can't whack me at the moment, ha ha ha!!!

I also (strangely) find mouth-soaping hot! God, I'm such a freak...

By the way, your safe word to type today to show you are not a spammer is 'undies'!! Do you get to pick them or something?

EmmaJane said...

@Mec, not sure I was brave, just very into the role. And yes being lifted off my feet was quite cool. I couldn't go anywhere and the burning hands was an added mind fuck!

@Jessica, ha ha cool! Obviously it understands what's important to me ;)

I started writing a response to the above comments about my thoughts on mouth soaping and it turned into a full blown post!

Kami Robertson said...

Mouth soaping...Blah. Blah, Blah!!!! Just reading it is enough for me to hate it and feel sorry for you.

Eek!!! But to be honest, better you than me suffering it LOL

Still, if you find it hot, go and enjoy yourself sick girl :P

Henry Higgins said...

I think that what I liked best was the look on your face after you had been stripped, burning with shame and embarrassment.

And then making you look at me as you held out your hands for the strap, under threat of repeated strokes if you looked away.

Did I mention that I like to see a girl squirm?