Saturday, June 20

Effectively gagging

No this is not a post about me gagging for sex or kinky play, or even about gagging during sex or kinky play. So sorry if I've misled you into reading! I'm actually talking about the restriction of conversation type gag that I must force upon myself to prevent unplanned disclosure of my kink.

For a chatterbox, speak before thinking type like me, gagging myself is no mean feat. Especially when returning from a fantastic kinky weekend such as the one just gone. And you come back from it flying. And your best kinky friend is still over there having even more kinky fun. And you're worried that Lollipop (the vanilla who knows) has had her kinky news quota for the week. So all that's left is to shut up and save it for the blog!

The inevitable what you get up to at the weekend on Monday morning was answered by me with a grumpy silence. That worked, no further questions. Although lots of meaningful looks that said she's probably been dumped by the boy (fictional boy interest as discussed here).

Later nearly bit tongue off when started to moan about how painful it was to sit down on the hard chairs in the canteen. But didn't quite manage to stop myself saying my arms were killing me from netball. Follow-up with story of random netball game in the park to much shaking of heads and muttering of 'you crazy lady'.

At coffee break, pregnant colleague just returned from baby scan knowing sex of baby. Fight urge to show off newly acquired knowledge on foetal gender development during biology at Lowewood (ontogeny repeats phylogeny!).

Seriously, it's way too exhausting to have to censor everything I say. And I'm getting caught out more and more. Like telling a friend I had put pics on Fetlife before hurriedly saying Facebook.

Or being caught off guard and answering a question truthfully, 'What you buy in town?' enquires flatmate looking at large M&S bag. 'Oh just some shirts and socks for school'. Cue puzzled look from said flatmate, 'you mean work, right? Me blushing, 'yeah work, right!'

Sometimes wish I was the shy, nothing to say type!


Jessica said...

Mr Edmonds is going to be so chuffed that he taught you something in Biology - I don't even remeber him saying that!

Kami Robertson said...

LOL That was hilarious LOL

Poor little you, so eager to share your kinky adventures with ANYONE! LOL

Erik said...

Still laughing

EmmaJane said...

@Jessica, it was the answer to the first question on the biology test!

I do hope to curry favour for next time, think it'll work?