Friday, June 19

Thinking of what's to come

I'm off again on another kinky adventure and feeling just a little bit apprehensive. This time I set out knowing exactly what's in store for me. Because he's told me. In detail.

I'm going to be punished for any slight transgression, whether in public or private.

I'm going to be disciplined for my recent bad behaviour.

I'm going to be made to regret the cheeky things I say.

I'm going to have my mouth washed out with soap for using foul language.

I'm going to have my face scrubbed for wearing make-up.

I'm going to be spanked soundly before being put to bed.

I'm going to be slippered for not doing my chores.

I'm going to be stood in a corner to think about my behaviour.

I'm going to have my hands strapped and then have to write an imposition.

I'm going to be tawsed for lying.

I'm going to be caned for leaving the house without permission.

I'm going to be birched for the first time.

I'm going to cry.

I'm going to sob my apologies.

I'm going to promise to behave.

No wonder I'm apprehensive...


Eliane said...

Well all of those make me wince quite a lot, but "I'm going to have my mouth washed out with soap for using foul language."
"I'm going to have my hands strapped and then have to write an imposition."
Make me want to run and hide behind the sofa. You are brave/insane. Not sure which. Good luck and have an amazing weekend.

Paul said...

EmmaJane, you have quite a week-end before you.
Hopefully you will come through the experience a better and stronger individual.
I don't blame you for feeling apprehensive.
Warm hugs,

Saffron said...

All I can say is....GOOD LUCK! Oh my goodness. You are going to need it.

Soap...was just thinking last night how that is a NO GO AREA!

Have fun...nervousness and all!

Jessica said...

Hope you have a lovely time - I want to be there as well!

Having suffered the mouth-washing attentions from your playmate this weekend before - all I can say is - watch out!

Caroline Grey said...

Scary, scary, scary.

I am pretty sure I would literally vomit if my mouth was soaped. That's a whole different scene.

Have the BEST TIME, my love.

(my word verification is trundeon. Like a dungeon. With trudging. Mmm!)

Kami Robertson said...

Considering the fact that I do know who is going to do all those horrible things to you I seriously feel sorry for you LOL

Have fun!

EmmaJane said...

Ok now you're all making me more nervous!!!

Caroline Grey said...

What's an imposition in this context, by the way? Anything like a composition?

Kami Robertson said...

Good, you should be nervous :P

Julie said...

*shrinks away from the screen* Goodness. That sounds like a hefty list. And soap is an absolute no-no for me as well.. good luck.