Monday, June 8

Retail Kink

I went to the shops yesterday to buy a skirt. A black skirt for my Lowewood school day to be precise. After 3 hours, 15 shops and an amount of money I don't want to admit to spending, I came back with:

1 black skirt (almost impossible to find!);

1 black blazer (matches the skirt, couldn't resist);

1 pair of black Mary Jane shoes (a girl must have shoes);

1 pair of the cutest PJs ever (little shorts with Minnie Mouse on them);

1 white polo shirt (for netball);

5 pairs of white knee-high socks (can never have enough socks!!);

6 school blouses (3 white, 3 blue);

8 glitter pens (multi-coloured and scented!)...

....and 10 pairs of knickers (3 white, 3 pink, 3 turquoise and 1 red).

Did I mention I'm obsessive?


MecIrlandais said...

Obsessive? Maybe. A woman? Certainly!

Kami Robertson said...

I agree with MecIrlandais LOL You wouldn't be a women without a proper obsession ;)

Erik said...

Please a picture with you and Minni Mouse

Julie said...

Hah. I know how just one thing I intended to buy magically multiplies as well.. and I am not even looking for kink-related things. Yet. Really worrying about starting to do that now. :P