Sunday, June 28

Beyond kink

This is a bit of a self-indulgent, feel good, not much kinky stuff here, type of post. But it's what's on my mind so guess I'll go with it.

As I posted earlier in the week, I took some time to take stock after a very intense play weekend and a very busy month of play full stop. I actually felt played out (although already I'm getting my spanking mojo back!). So this week my scene and kinky thoughts have been more of the reflective than fantasy type.

I couldn't help but think about how far I'd come since nervously placing my profile on Spankfinder in the hope of finding anyone at all to play with, to where I am now. Sitting on a still striped and tingly bottom practically played out. And to all that's happened in between. It's mind blowing to think of all the amazing experiences I've had, many of which I've posted about here.

But what I don't talk about enough are all the wonderful people I've met. Some of whom are becoming great friends, both at home and abroad. (You know who you are!) They only get mentioned here when we've just played a scene together (as fellow bottoms, tops or when letting me practice on them) or when we're planning some devilment! What doesn't get mentioned is the non-kinky stuff. The fun/happy/angry/sad/angsty/supportive/giggly texts or calls or emails, that trade back or forth. The non-kinky interests and conversations. The real life advice.

Even Lollipop commented the other day that I was lucky to be making such a lovely new group of friends. (Seeing as she loves to meet new people even more than I do she's probably considering turning kinky just to get in!)

And she's right, I am lucky. Cos I've realised that although I met these people through the like-mindedness of kink, I'd actually like to hang out with them even if there was no kinky stuff on the menu. If we didn't even get to talk about it, if we just had be vanillas.

Of course it just makes it all the more fun that we do get to indulge our kink to our hearts content ;)


Erik said...

Easy to get rid of friends, difficult to get them, remember that you lovely and lucky EmmaJane

Eliane said...

Couldn't agree more. I think to me the absolute best part of the journey I've made over the last year has been the friends I've made.

Jessica said...

Play is temporary. Friends are forever. And what makes the play so fun is the people :)

Rebecca said...

People are the most important thing :) That you can discuss canes vs. paddles or reformatories vs. harems with them is even better!