Tuesday, June 30

Justice for knickers!

I'm certain I have an underwear fetish. And what's more I don't believe I'm alone in this. Most of (all?) my kinky girl friends seem to have one too. Adele and Eliane and Niki have all posted at some stage about the numbers of knickers they possess. I'm tempted to follow suit and count mine too but I'm too lazy so let's just say they don't all fit in one large drawer and hardly a week goes by where I don't buy a pair or three.

Then Haron posted recently about favorite types of knickers for getting spanked in. Mine are certainly white cotton and most days just even wearing white cotton or white lacey knickers is a turn on for me. Probably because I mostly get spanked in such knickers, which then makes me associate being turned on by them all the more and then makes me want to be spanked in them. Hmmm it's all a bit of a chicken vs the egg scenario really and I've no idea which came first.

So anyway it's lovely being able to chat to girl friends about the latest knicker acquisition and to admire oneself posing in the mirror or dancing around wiggling one's bottom enjoying the thrill
of new knickerrs.

But to my dismay the toppy types I know don't seem to have the same appreciation for such things. Knickers are far too often whisked down without so much as a grudging compliment or a lingering rub of soft lace or delicate silk. Even cheeky messages on such knickers, agonisingly chosen for their needling ability are mostly ignored. And poor knickers spend most of the time around knees or even worse hanging off feet. It's really no way to treat such beautiful and sexy items. If I wasn't so busy suffering at the time I'd make my feelings on the matter known.

And to add insult to injury, one toppy friend laughed when I said I'd bought some new undies especially for our next playdate. 'What's the point, it's not like I'm going to let you wear them' he mocked. Cue much huffing and puffing from me and threats to turn up in just a fur coat and no knickers! (Except I wouldn't ever wear fur and he'd probably like that more anyway.)

So to combat this knicker vendetta from toppy types I'm suggesting a sleepover for all my kinky girly friends where we'll just sit around in our yummy knickers and bras and such and admire each other all night. We'll even try out the most suitable bending over angles that show of said knickers to best advantage. And it goes without saying there'll be unlimited changing of knickers with various hands helping in the removal and adjustment of such. There might even be an occasional gentle pat on the bottom, over knickers of course. And there'll be no toppy types allowed in to ruin the fun by making us take them off.

There, that'll teach 'em!


Anonymous said...

I think I must be the only kinky girl who *isn't* obsessed with knickers.

Hmm, maybe it's time to go underwear shopping...?

Eliane said...

Faye - Are you not obsessed by knickers? Come visit - I'll soon sort THAT out!
Emma, you are so right about tops. No appreciation for the finer things in life. In fact I think we kinky girls should take definitive action. If you don't start appreciating and admiring our knickers, we are going to band together and do something MAJOR. Like... um... I know! Denying all spanking rights until they DO start making admiring knicker noises. That's work. So, who's going to join in the rebellion with me? I want to incite a rebellion, it's not something I've ever done!

Paul said...

EmmaJane, the best thing about your lovely knickers, is how easily they come off. WEG
Warm hugs,

MecIrlandais said...

Maybe even Lollipop can join in your girlie night if there are no tops around!

But I have to say, especially in light of your comment about white undies making you want a spanking, I think your evening would end with everyone craving a good spanking (Lollipop excpeted!).

Julie said...

I just recently discovered the attraction of buying lovely knickers when I acquired three sitting-on-the-hips type pairs with lace around the borders and a little bow and everything. Such a knickers party definitely sounds like an awesome idea - can I participate? :P

Kami Robertson said...

OH, I feel sorry for you poor girl, that you come across so terribly unsensitive tops that don't appreciate your panties. Perhaps you should tell them if they don't start appreciating them they will not be allow to spank you ;)

Seriously though, I think I have been quite lucky because my panties are usually noticed and appreciated, even if they come down faster than I can notice sometimes. Top DO notice them though LOL

Angie said...

I've always been fortunate in that my girlfriends have always appreciated the undies I pick out, or that they choose for me, and that my Husband is the same way.

In fact, a good portion of what I have, and yes, I have more then one drawer of them, to include entire holiday/seasonal ones, he ended up buying for me.

I know one of the reasons why I like pretty panties so much is that growing up on the farm, we were often in just jeans, for practicality, but pretty panties let me feel girly.

Henry Higgins said...

"And it goes without saying there'll be unlimited changing of knickers with various hands helping in the removal and adjustment of such."

Oh, some of us toppy types are pervy enough to enjoy knickers while they're still on.

One of my favourite moments from the old Rigid East films in in "Rigid Father", in when Jiri Zabor notices that the girl over his lap has her white cotton knickers rumpled. So before he starts smacking her, he smoothes them down into their proper place.

Zille Defeu said...

That knickers party sounds like a *very good time* - why do I have to live so far away from you?!

My Master very much appreciates knickers, but sadly they are the regulation school knicks type, and thus when he's fondling my bottom in them, I'm shuddering because, Hello! Polyester! [grins]

Erik said...

White cotton knickers turn me on

caitlin said...

hehe, my ex boyfriend always spanked me in my knickers because he knew i liked it (:

Dave said...

Such a fantastic knickers post--you are such a splendid writer I must say.

I think the knicker/panties fascination is a true subset of the whole spanko fetish. Though the panty fetish does stand-alone as it's own thing, I think. OK errm... I'm now officially rambling.


Ms. Stick said...

It's not just the bottoms who are obsessed with knickers. There are some few of us Toppy types who appreciate the choices that are made, especially when made with us in mind ;o)