Wednesday, June 3

Park Life

It's been uncommonly sunny and warm around here lately so I've been spending a lot of time outside in the sunshine, taking advantage.

As I lay in the park the other day with a group of vanillas, I couldn't help but think it was nice to be in their company. Made all the nicer by not having to be on one's best behaviour all the time lest any toppy type thought you needed punishing. Like being made to stand in a corner with hands on one's head in full view of everyone else.

It was also a nice change not having to keep one's bottom out of the way of swatting hands, only too eager to make a point. Or worse, get nervous when anywhere near a tree. And indeed it was a great relief not having to worry about being ordered to bend over, with trousers down and get switched with so many unintentional voyeurs wandering by. Or for that matter, to be able to relax on the grass without suddenly being pinned down, stripped and molested by many hands.

Yes there's certainly a difference when you go to a park with your kinky friends instead of the vanillas. But of course I wouldn't have it any other way ;-)


Eliane said...

I still can't believe I said what I did that day...! I claim I must have been briefly taken over by an evil spirit, so if you are ever moved to take revenge, do it to that and not me, 'kay?!

The Headmaster said...

My word, what an interesting park. I must ensure our girls go nowhere near it!

MecIrlandais said...

Maybe after all the play you have had recently it was not such a pleasure to sit on the hard ground?

I can just imagine the vanilla-type asking you, "Emma, why are you staring at that tree with such big eyes????"

Julie said...

Interesting. I never really considered a park as a location to be kinky - I'll certainly see our local park in a different light when I spend time there the next time. It does have some secluded areas..

Kami Robertson said...

Oh, you are such a liar girl! :P
1. You are never at you best behaviour and especially not while a top is around :P
2. You keep presenting your bottom all the time and you never want to hide it from ocassional whacks
3. You love being near trees
4. You love having your trousers pulled down to be switch so, so close to public eyes (yet, far enough from them)
5. You loved those hands that molested you in that park

So yes, you are an awful liar! :P

Rebecca said...

Hmmm, I almost provoked the boy interest into spanking me in a park yesterday, but as we were sat next to a fairly busy path he decided it wasn't worth the risk...but did comment that it would probably be quiet enough at nighttime!

Erik said...

Where is the park?