Friday, July 3

Endurance Sports

Rebecca has signed up to run a half marathon. In case you didn't know that's 13.2 miles to cover. Isn't she brave? Or else a total masochist altogether!

Reading her post I was reminded of the time I completed a half marathon myself. I wasn't out in the scene or doing anything kink wise at all, but even then I remember thinking that I was behaving like a masochist. I ran 4 evenings a week for 3 months and mostly the only enjoyment I felt was when I'd get the run over with.

On the day of the race itself, I started off too fast. Between the pace and the hilly terrain (that I wasn't at all prepared for), I was done in by the 7th mile. So I ended up running the last 6 miles in severe pain and cried as I crossed the finish line. Only sheer willpower kept me going.

I love sports but my only strengths are enthusiasm and endurance. I have feck all skill (as evidenced by my netball display at Lowewood). So I've always been attracted to sports that I can succeed in through determination and stamina. That I can depend on adrenalin and endorphins to get through. Rugby in my late teens and twenties, then running and more recently kick boxing.

Always at my happiest when I can fully immerse into whatever I'm doing and push myself to my physical limits. Free to surrender to my sweat and tears until I am broken and exhausted, but content. And when I think back to the pain, the tears, the emotion and the euphoria, not to mention the satisfaction of completing my own half marathon, I can't help but compare it to a wonderfully intense scene. Liberating.


Jessica said...

You are nuts. You and Bex!

That's all I have to say on the subject.. apart from good luck you poor fools!

MecIrlandais said...

I did a full marathon a few years ago & to be honest I would never do it again, it was torture. The only reason I didn't cry at the end was because I had dried myself out with the run & didn't have the energy to do anything else but lie on the ground! I would not recommend it to anyone.

However the high of sprinting to the finish line with the crowd cheering you on was amazing, though the next 3 days walking down the stairs backwards made me feel less heroic!

Kami Robertson said...

Yeah, well, some of us are kinky 24/7 the rest just from time to time or in a bedroom :P