Monday, July 27

(II) You know you're a pervert when...

You know you're a pervert when you get your hair cut and you're worried you can no longer pull off little girl hairstyles! This actually happened to me a few months back but is on my mind as I psyche myself up for another trip to the dreaded hairdressers.

The last time I was there I decided to get a radical hair makeover. 'Cut it' I said, being brave. For me changing my hair is like facing up to caning, it's totally terrifying but exciting and you can't wait to see to see how it turns out.

So the hairdresser picked up her scissors and with with one fluid movement cut of my long hair. Making it short - in a very bloody short, 'I didn't want it this short' way. And a sudden thought popped into my head: 'Feck I won't be able to put my hair up in pigtails anymore. How am I going to look like a proper schoolgirl now?'

As I sulked into the mirror I realised the hairdresser was giving me a funny look, so I rearranged my face into a fake smile, told her I loved it, gave her a huge tip and went home to cry in private!

For weeks afterwards I was obsessed with hairbands and clips to make me look more girly. And it was also the start of my boater hat phase. I did try to comfort myself at the time that not having pigtails would make it harder for tops to catch me, but unfortunately that didn't transpire.

Happily it soon grew back, as hair is wont to do. And I'll be much more careful this trip and get a kink friendly haircut!


Paul said...

EmmaJane, you almost had me in tears. WEG
What would the class be like without you.
Fortunately hair grows. LOL
Warm hugs,

Jessica said...

Having never seen you with long hair, I can honestly say that your short hair looks cute and that you look 16 in a uniform.

Also, remember that my waist-length hair takes ages to put into plaits!

Eliane said...

I know what you mean - I would look rubbish with short hair, but I certainly have let it grow longer than I have for years since last year, because it ties back in bunches and plaits better!!