Saturday, July 25

Not one of my kinks

I have a dentist appointment coming up. It's only a check up but I still have the usual dread and fear. It's funny how visiting the dentist is one of my least favourite things to do ever and yet the feelings such a trip invokes are exactly like those felt during a schoolgirl roleplay.

In fact it's so similar to a trip to the Headmaster's office that I don't understand why it's not part of my kink!

I'm always anxious while waiting to be called in, then there's the lecture on eating too much sugar, the guilt and dread before the sentence, the humiliation of having to lie on the chair with my mouth open to be poked at, the discomfort of the procedure, me trying to stay in position as stoically as I can, the painful throbbing afterwards and it always ends with me promising to do better and swearing I'll never be back here again!

*SIGH* But unfortunately I don't get turned on by it at all, would be so much easier if I did...


Paul said...

EmmaJane, visits to the dentist are in no way sexy, shame!!!
Warm hugs,

Sound Punishment said...

Until I became diabetic recently I had reactive hypoglycaemia for several years. This meant that shock or severe stress could cause a severe drop in blood sugar levels.

The look on my new dentist's face would have been a sight to see when I hypoed in the chair and fell unconscious! I had warned her but I think she thought I was exaggerating.

On the other hand it was one of the most painless dentist appointments I have ever had, 3 fillings and i don't remember any of them.

I do get a very sympathetic treatment at the dentist nowadays now that is on my notes :-)

Casey Morgan said...

I used to get whacked for avoiding the dentist. And when I did go, RP would call to make sure I turned up. Once he actually chaperoned me!

The thing you absolutely mustn't do at the dentist is think about Laurence Olivier: "Is it safe?"

Ha ha, good luck with that! WEG.

Jessica said...

I hate the dentist. Luckily, for some obscure genetic reason and lots of luck, I don't have a single filling and have only had to endure having my teeth cleaned every six months. If I *did* have to have treatment, I reckon He Who Must Be Obeyed would need to come with me and hold me down. I hate injections!

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