Wednesday, July 15

That spanking afterglow

I'm starting to notice a pattern with my play weekends. I play hard and intensely until I get to a point where I can't play anymore. To the point where I'm physically, mentally and emotionally played out. Then afterwards I sink into a wonderfully comfortable state where life drifts by and I'm happy just to observe.

Content to just reflect on events and enjoy my marks and the discomfort of sitting down. I feel sleepy and calm, almost tranquilised. It's a lovely change of pace from my usual manic state, where I'm always on the go and uber energised about everything. I don't even feel like playing or even thinking about playing, at all.

And this lasts for a few days. It's a great feeling. Made even better by the total confidence that my urge to play will soon return, further compounded by the happy knowledge that my next spanking is no longer that far away. Meaning I can totally bask in that spanking afterglow.


Master Retep said...

Does this mean you'll be drifting around Nimh in a sublime afterglow next Sat. or do you think last weekend will have worn off by then?

Paul said...

EmmaJane, that sounds like a happy and comfortable state of affairs.
Warm hugs,