Thursday, July 9

She who goeth a borrowing, goeth a sorrowing...

Good neighbours can usually be called on for a lend if you're stuck for something. You know like a cup of sugar, a drop of milk or, in my case, a cane or two.

Yes the wonderful advantage of having a lovely kinky neighbour is the opportunity to borrow from his extensive collection of implements if the need arises! Which works out very useful when another toppy type is flying in and doesn't want to drag his own extensive collection around with him.

And Mr T was very generous in sharing his implements. Actually a little too generous if you ask me. While visiting toppy type may appreciate it, my bottom may not. Really there was no need to give me all of the below:

A long leather strap (half an inch thick);

A 5 tailed Lochgelly tawse

A slipper paddle

A martinet

A thin whippy cane

...and a vicious dragon cane!

I swear I haven't been that naughty. Honest! (Gulp)


Eliane said...


Ask you you shal receiveth and all that. Serves you right my dear. I will be having a good chuckle at your expense.

Your friend :-)

Abel1234 said...

Methinks an "implement tasting" is called for in which you're whacked with each implement in turn. The only question is how many strokes you should get with each. Surely readers should be allowed to vote?

EmmaJane said...

@Eliane, I wouldn't laugh so hard if I were you, I'll still have some of these when you visit....

@Abel, so if my readers say 1 of each that's all I get right?

Eliane said...

Oh, I think the tradional dozen with each, just for tasting purposes. And then rank them in order of preference, and start again with a six of the one you like least, twelve of the next, etc.
No need to thank me for my brilliant idea. Your "enjoyment" will be thanks enough.

Kami Robertson said...

LOL, do you really expect them to say 1 of each? :P

Btw - aren't tawses supposed to be 2 or 3 tailed only?

MecIrlandais said...

Oh that nasty paddle he had made with an old gym shoe, I know it well. Horrid!

I didn't know he had a martinet, but then again I should have assumed he had, I need to see that the next time I catch up with MrT (which should be next week I HOPE!)

Jessica said...


Serves you right, naughty girl :) Hope you don't get too sore!

Rebecca said...

A 5 tailed Lochgelly (runs and hides in the corner!)