Tuesday, July 21

Stir, stir, stir

Most of the time I'm a nice girl. A good friend, empathetic and sympathetic. But sometimes I like to stir it up and get other people into trouble. Especially when I'm not there. Getting a comrade into trouble is almost like playing vicariously. And the brat in me loves it!

Such as ringing Sylvie's phone during class at Lowewood so Mr Basford strapped her for having it on.

Or like trying to get Eliane a few extra spanks for her birthday by asking everyone to give her hugs and spanks from me. And then trying to get her into more trouble afterwards by insinuating that Abel's birthday caning, delegated to Sylvie, wasn't as hard as it should have been.

And then there's the chance to get my own back on Kami for all the times she's wronged me. Like that time she begged HH to hairbrush me just to see how long I'd stay still for. So in return, knowing she hated his slipper, I asked him to give her 10 hard strokes of it from me. Which he duly did.

But even more gratifying was getting revenge for her 8 comments on the Over to you post. I innocently suggested that Abel should give her 8 strokes of 6 similar implements. Only fair right? But was it wrong to tease her about it, then tell Abel they weren't hard enough and get her punished again. Too far?

Is it very mean of me to enjoy getting others into trouble or is it just natural? Thing is, while I'm quite delighted at the thoughts of getting them punished, having to witness said punishment is another story. I've cried watching Eliane and Kami getting it in joint scenes and would have done anything to stop it. Oh the irony of it all!

Still I do like to stir it up now and then...


Eliane said...

As I have said several times before, you are, my dear, a total stirrer, and, in relation to my very hard birthday caning, quite wrong as well ;-)
Joking aside, I've discovered myself that there's a huge difference between getting someone in to trouble from afar and being there in person. The latter makes me want to cry.

Paul said...

EmmaJane, remember what goes round, comes round. WEG
Warm hugs,

Kami Robertson said...

Sweetie. I keep counting all the times you get me into trouble! :P

First of all, the hairbrush was was letting the air out of the bed! :P And it was absolutely deserved.

So I'm still going to have my revenge for that slippering. You just wait...don't forget that HH already agreed to hold you down if you will be difficult :P

But yes, I forgive you those 8 strokes with 6 implements, that was quite fair ;) Anyway, 48 sounds better than 300 LOL

Jessica said...

Interesting one :)

I think if you know the person secretly doesn't mind, that's fine. But as you know from my post yestrday, not if you do it in a sneaky way!