Monday, July 20

Overheard in Dublin

I was out last night, painting the town red as it were, but in the vanilla sense. I.e. the only pain involved was from my ridiculously uncomfortable high heels and the only part of me throbbing this morning was my head.

But I was in good company, with Lollipop in tow, both of us looking for devilment. As we tottered from one bar to the next we overheard the funniest conversation.

A group of guys and gals were walking behind us having a very earnest discussion about the Marquis de Sade. All seemed to be aware of who he was but not all knew what he was famous for. Words like sadism and sodomy were bandied about until a row broke out over the meaning of sodomy and whether Sade came up with the actual word.

It was a very surreal situation and I was tempted to intervene and help clarify matters but got distracted by the sheer entertainment of it all. I was almost sorry when we reached our destination and had to stop eavesdropping. But as we went inside I couldn't help but giggle, it's certainly true, you can overhear anything in Dublin. (And if you don't believe me click here!)


Angie said...

Sad, really, the state of public education today...

Jessica said... Sade did not invent the word sodomy. It comes from Sodom and Gomorrah, the biblical places that were so naughty that God destroyed them. Didn't you feel the urge to tell them this? And in a good catholic country like Ireland as well!