Wednesday, July 22

For the love of roleplay

Don't you love when you're in the middle of a roleplay and enjoying it so much you don't actually want to get the spanking part?

Usually in 1-2-1 role plays I'm very serious, or sorry or obedient etc. Scary things are happening to me and the punishment is reflective of that.

So a roleplay I did with Abel a while back was a refreshing change. I was a 6th form school girl and he was my guardian visiting me in Dublin. He was a kind and rather indulgent guardian and I was a nice but slightly spoiled girl. I didn't think I needed to work at anything, secure that my parents' trust fund would be all I needed in life.

The best thing about this roleplay was the absurdity of the character I got to play. And the fact it began over dessert in our hotel. Abel asked me how my studies were going and I got to prattle away about my life. The latest shoes I'd bought, whether he'd take me shopping the next day, my need for money for more books (shoes!), my plans to go to the Costa del Sol for the summer to improve my Spanish and my ambitions to undertake a course in Transatlantic Studies which would require me moving to Boston and experiencing the American shopping culture.

Such chattering continued with Abel questioning me on my social life, my purchases, my studying (or lack of), my ambitions and my college prospects.

When he took me back to his room the conversation took a more serious tone, informing me of a letter from my headmaster about the number of classes I was missing and my all too numerous nights out in bars.

I was indignant that academic standards were too high at my school, that only high achievers were encouraged of which I certainly was not one. Not to mention there was nothing wrong with going to bars, I was 17 and this was Ireland.

It was an argument I wasn't going to win and I was soon over his knee being slippered to teach me a lesson. This didn't have the desired affect and our discussion continued. I was then sent upstairs to the study and a cane was produced. I was enraged that he would do this to me and after a few strokes was answering back even more, asking him did he enjoy beating me and was this what my parents meant by looking after me

I love how my character was trying to hurt him. Telling him I didn't want him as a guardian anymore and that he obviously enjoyed beating me. Eventually the caning got too much, until I couldn't bear the pain anymore. So I sullenly told him that I would behave better, not meaning a work of it.

He didn't buy it either and in disgust sent me downstairs to get ready for bed before coming down and repeating his lecture with a strap. For a long time I resisted until finally I crumpled onto the bed in agony, asking him not to hurt me anymore.

And then he broke me, my touching me gently and telling me he really did care about me and wanted the best for me and he was sorry that I hated him.

It was the perfect way to take me out of my sullen defiance and I assured him that I didn't hate him really and sincerely promised to try harder. The scene ended with me being tucked up in bed and all was forgiven.

It was so much fun and I loved how we played off each other, both completely free in our roles.


Paul said...

EmmaJane, wow, that sounds like such a nice scene, thanks for sharing.
Warm hugs,

Jessica said...

I love roleplay. I love the way that I can be all the cool things I will never be in real life. Just a wonderful way of escaping...

Pandora Blake said...

What a marvellous scene! I love being able to live as characters for a few hours, and go through a whole range of emotions. The emotional curve is often much more satisfying than the CP, although of course if there wasn't any spanking I'd be disappointed ;)

Angie said...

your plans on improving your Spanish was probably one of the funniest things I've heard in a while

Abel1234 said...

This was a lovely "don't care was made to care" scene. Taking your character on a journey from self-assured, over-confident brat to sorry little girl was quite wonderful.

Interesting that the scene really did require us to have our wits about us. One wrong note in the dialogue could have ruined it. Something of a high-wire act, with added implements ;-)

Lovely memories...