Thursday, July 23

Excuses, excuses

Most scenes or roleplays are a losing battle. As in I get punished for whatever it was I was supposed to have done and no amount of crying/apologising/lying/squirming will get me out of it. But despite the futility, I still like to fight the good fight. Go down with spirit and all that.

So I try very hard to wriggle out of it. And sometimes I surprise myself with the ingenuity of excuses that I come up with on the spot. Excuses that nearly make me laugh out loud, never mind the top. Excuses that would make a weaker top break.

Like telling the Headmaster I just happened to stumble across a spanking porn site as I was researching Victorian discipline methods for my essay. Or telling Mr Basford that I wasn't fighting with that girl, we were just practising a new form of pilates.

Of course then there's the excuses that get a girl into more trouble. The ones a toppy type might call lies. Usually accompanied by vigorous digging of a hole that is impossible to get out of. Often culminating in even more vigorous whacking!

That said I may get a shock one of these days if the top actually buys it.
'Yes I see, you just popped into Top Shop to buy your sick Grandmother a present before proceeding directly to the dentist. Run along then'
Not quite sure how I'd feel about that to be honest?!


Anonymous said...

LOL, I think I'd be very disappointed if I was ever actually successful in worming my way out of a punishment - but yes, I agree that you can't help trying sometimes!

My all-time favourite, though, is 'it wasn't me, it was my brain'.


Paul said...

EmmaJane, you do believe in making your Tops work for your spankings, LOL.
Warm hugs,

Rebecca said...

You'd be surprised what you can get away with...on one famous occasion during a reformatory roleplay Jessica and I ran away. The tops didn't follow us and so we ran a bit further away and then wandered around for the hour the nature walk was supposed to take before going back to the house. Seeing a very scary looking teacher there we promptly made up the excuse that we had seen an ALBINO DEER and followed it and then couldn't find the rest of the group. We not only got away with it but won a large bag of sweets for the best find on the nature walk...

I mean since when were there albino deers in Shropshire?!

Kami Robertson said...

Oh, the disappointment would be terrible LOL Sure you can survive it? (Because I might not be able to LOL)

Eliane said...

I still haven't got over not being pulled up for my plaits at the last Lowewood :-(
I always like to push the boundries, but am not impressed when I don't get pulled up on it.

Abel1234 said...

It's fun when a girl doesn't offer an outright denial. Rather than "I didn't play truant", the approach of partial acknowledgement with valid excuse - "I had to go into town to get medicine for my sick friend / sister / cat" - makes for a far more interesting and prolonged scene.

That said, the young lady has to be careful not to make the excuse too convincing and to leave a glimmer of wrong-doing amidst her excuses, so the top doesn't feel that he's punishing her unfairly!

Of course, if the excuse turns out to be false too, then rather than getting a girl out of trouble, it's likely to get her into even hotter water, such as the not-going-to-the-dentist scene Emma and I played: