Sunday, July 19

Lashes anyone?

If I'm in Dublin for the weekend, my absolute favourite thing to do on a Saturday is to wander around town. Doing so on my own is quite lovely but hanging out with a close friend or a motley crew of random friends and acquaintances is even better. We stroll around our favourite haunts such as Dublin's best kept secret (it's the most wonderful bar and no I'm not telling you where it is but if you come visit I'll take you there), the Temple Bar Food Market, George's Arcade and a host of other cool places.

So yesterday was no exception and I found myself with a gang of lovely vanillas having a very late lunch that then turned into afternoon tea (as in it was afternoon and there was tea, no cucumber sandwiches anywhere).

Nothing remarkable or kinky about that I hear you say. And indeed there wasn't, except we were in a cafe I hadn't been to before and looking out the window I could see the following shop sign:

Oh what I would have given for a kinky friend to nudge and giggle with! Various thoughts of being bold enough to wander in, ever so innocently, and asking what sort of lashes they offered ran through my mind. Floggers, cat o' nine tails, martinets? Did they have any specials? Ask for 50 lashes and get 20 bonus ones, or sign up for 10 sessions and get the last one free.

I peeped in when we passed it later and was very disppointed to discover it was just another beauty salon with not a top nor flogger to be seen. But I love the fact that no matter how vanilla the company is, my mind is never far way from a kinky thought. It makes me very, very happy!


Paul said...

EmmaJane, you have a very nice mind, which is why we all love you.
Warm hugs,

Master Retep said...

If we are going to start the game of guessing Dublin's best kept secret bar, you're going to get an awful lot of comments. And if you then apply the principle of starting to multiply drinks by the number of comments (remember THAT idea?), you could be in an even worse condition than last time - and broke!

Rebecca said...

Ah, 'lash' is a funny word - I can remember at school we used to say 'let's get lashed' as slang for 'let's get drunk' but it has somewhat different connotations now!

Jessica said...

Hmmm, nudge nuge, wink wink :-)

Does that help?

Abel1234 said...

Presumably it's next door to the Top Shop?