Thursday, July 30

A sunshine spanking

I've been on holidays people. In one of those incredibly hot places that make me actually glad to come back to miserable, rainy, cold Ireland.

Anyway it was a fab, if totally vanilla holiday. I completely relaxed and went almost incommunicado, restricting myself to the briefest of glances at email and no writing or reading of blogs at all.

But even though I switched my kinky communications off and was entirely surrounded by vanillas, I couldn't switch my kinky mind off. My head was full of fantasies inspired by the slightest thing:

briefly clad girl on the beach (spanked for wearing a far too revealing bikini)

pretty girl chatting to a boy at the ice cream parlour (whipped with her father's belt for flirting)

naughty girl sneaking in from a late night beach bonfire (has to face her guardian's wrath)

Alas I wasn't getting any spankings at all, but I did manage to get a red bottom. It seems my bottom is a target that even the sun can't resist!

On one of the days I quite foolishly fell asleep on the beach with my bikini bottoms pulled up a little too far. That evening I realised that I was bright red from my lower cheeks to the tops of my thighs. A beautiful shade of crimson any top would be proud to lay claim to. It made me smile to look at it in the mirror and grimace as I sat down, feeling the all too familiar tenderness!

I'm just slightly worried that the very middle part of my bottom is still very white, not tanned like the rest of it. I'm concerned it may prove too much of a challenge for my next play partner wanting to colour in the lines!


Abel1234 said...

"Whipped with her father's belt." Now there's a phrase to savour first thing in the morning... sounds like the basis for a very edgy, very hot scene!

Anonymous said...

Aww, glad you had a nice holiday :).

I'd never thought of sunburn as a 'spanking from the sun' before, but it kind of fits!


Paul said...

EmmaJane, your fantasies are really tasty, I like your kinky mind.
Warm hugs,

Eliane said...

How about "Girl falls asleep sunbathing, gets burnt, and appropriate authority figure spanks her for stupidity?!"
Glad you had a lovely time ;-)
I find when I'm on holiday is my most creative time. I'll start a myriad of stories and never finish any of the damn things, so I hope you do better than I do on that front.

Julie said...

I'm jealous. While I have been on holidays as well, I neither had many opportunities for kinky thoughts nor got a sun spanking. Lucky you. :P

Master Retep said...

Oh, I used to love colouring books - I hope the outlines are nice and clear, now where are my red crayons?