Thursday, July 16

Ooops what have I started?!

A while back I very innocently posted wondering who Fiona Locke might be. I got some very amusing responses to my post which then inspired other blog posts as the theories grew legs. Speculation as to Fiona's identity now ranges from Abel to his wife Haron, to Pandora and her cat to Ludwig, Caroline Grey, Niki Flynn and Zille. All of whom have denied it. (Zille, Ludwig and Pandora all taking the time to blog to that effect). Oh and Lucy McLean who actually keeps insisting that she is Fiona, but no-one wants to hear that. We're far more interested in wild speculation and harassing those who deny it.

I have two more theories, that I don't think have been explored yet. Mija who writes wonderfully well as evidenced here. Or if we are going down the male route as several have suggested, how about Mija's husband Paul or Zille's master? Both of these men being English it would makes sense, the books being set in England afterall. But I'm really running out of theories here and don't see why my JK Rowling idea hasn't gathered momentum!

Anyway, the upshot is we still don't know. But of course that's because Fiona's friends are quite rightly not going to out her. (If I did know I wouldn't tell you either). For whatever reasons Fiona doesn't want to reveal herself. Lord knows we've given her much opportunity over the past few weeks. And of course it's not actually our intention to out her either. We're just having rather a lot of fun with our wild theories. I hope she's getting as much of a giggle out of it as we are!

Oh and by the way if Peter Markworthy would like to make himself known to me, that'd be great. He seems exactly the sort of toppy type I love to play with. And I promise I wouldn't reveal his identity either. Cross my heart and all that!


Paul said...

EmmaJane, just a thought, Amy, Lucy's lovely and talented little sister is being remarkably quiet on this subject, so unlike her.
Warm hugs,

Indy said...

While the identity of Fiona Locke may be unclear, I'm certain that Peter is either Pedro of Mood Pictures or Pavel Stasny. Are you sure you want to play with him?

Rebecca said...

Is a bit bemused as to why we're all so bothered - give the poor girl some privacy!


we are all so bothered because as long as we keep it silly, it's fun. My theories are leaning towards Fiona Locke being of a feline nature :)


Pandora Blake said...

Rebecca - clearly it is actually one of us, and we're all just having a laugh. And I'm sorry to say it, but that points the finger right back at EmmaJane. You may deny it, missy, but you started it!

Indy said...

Not to worry, EmmaJane. Pandora's just trying to take the spotlight off of her cat.

EmmaJane said...

Ok, ok. I can't hide the truth anymore.

Fiona Locke is my cat!

The Mystery Minx said...

I think Fiona Locke is Niki Flynn... see my blog post for my reasons :-)

MM (MysteryMinx)